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21 November Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

21 November Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Executive session meeting ran 1.5 hours. Randy Maxwell left after the executive session.  

Present: Dave Deddens, Jim Deaton, and John Rahe.

Also present: MaynardBarrett,Council, Terri Randall,Administrator, Andrea Ewan, Attorney, and Sue Hayden, taking minutes.

Absent: Jim Helms and Kevin Lynch

Executive session preceded this meeting regarding strategy for buying real estate. The Commission decided that Randall is to submit 3 grant requests to Lawrenceburg  foundation  for a county wide study, a coordinator, and money for the redevelopment commission. [Note: Not sure what these three items have to do with strategy to buying real estate.]

Minutes accepted for October 2014


Agreement Contract with DCEDI-existing one suffices for this so this item is not needed

Consulting services contract agreement- for Maxwell Development for professional services. Per Randall- Randy, Andrea, and Randall set this up for $4200 per month, 24 hours monthly services. Conflict of interest items covered in it too. Deaton is pleased with Maxwell’s services and board accepted the agreement and signed it.


Financials- Randall said this does not include today’s claims. Doesn’t look like our old statements- we are working on getting the format. $800,000 transferred from Lawbg grant for property acquisition. Keeping all accounts separate. The report was approved.

Claims- Hayden said she added the checks going out for the Stone property. EDI is transferring the rest for $600,000 to redevelopment. Board moved to pay the bills. Tri Township is getting paid for water line too and Whitewater Mills is covering their amount as well.

County Administrator Report:

Whitewater Mill project:

Status of deeding property – Odd stuff on the deed. License to use property in place. Will wrap it up in December when Randall is back from vacation. The title problem is from many years ago per Ewan. Aerial view of what is going on out there from Randall. She will be helping with some neighbor that the Mills wanting to use his building this winter. She has been invited to the table to help with that meeting.

Bonding TIF status- all OK per Randall

Groundbreaking ceremony- update on plans- have to get marketing person from IEDC and hope to get governor maybe here.

Grantee cannot use any L-bg funds before any of their funds get used from L-bg.but exceptions can be requested. Since they have spent over $1 million on Mills- Lynch and Randall went to Lbg and the language is changed so they can get $700,000 this year and same next year. She wants update from Mills and they sent $1.2 million expenditures breakdown. They have spent over $5 million on their capital equipment too. Board approved the revised interlocal agreement letter with L-bg and signed it.

Update Zimmer tractor- EDI portion of expense (approved or not?)- $3,000 for extra striping and EDI won’t pay their third of it. So Randall has to talk to Zimmer to let him appeal it to EDI if he wants. The Redevelopment is covering their third and Zimmer will end up with 2/3 if EDI doesn’t come thru.

Any assistance from EDI for Hirlinger and/or Waterline to Whitewater Mill – EDI says they do not have any money per Rahe and they will not have another meeting before end of year. Randall will stay in touch with Randy (Maxwell) and Bill Ritzmann.

Attorney’s report- Andrea Ewan- Resolution to enter into interlocal agreement with another governmental entity. And the interlocal agreement says the parties can get the money before expending all their funds and this relates back to the L-bg Grants to the Mills. The grant has to go from one gov’t entity to another- it cannot go to the private entity. This means Redev has to keep track of the private business to be sure they hold up their end of the deal and hire the required number of people etc. Resolution approved and signed.

Other business- lot of activity going on- land had to be discussed.

Adjourned 5:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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