Tuesday, August 19, 2014

19 August 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners MeetingNotes

19 August 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners MeetingNotes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.



Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack- Zone Map amendment request- Oxbow of Indiana request to rezone about 905 acres in Lawrenceburg Township to Agriculture. This request received a unanimous favorable recommendation from the 8 Plan Commission members who were present at their meeting. The existing zoning was M-3 (Manufacturing 3). Most of this is in flood plain or in the flood way. Greendale and Lawrenceburg Conservancy District were notified of this request. Most of the surrounding area is Ag. Most is wetland areas and some is farmed. McCormack showed pictures of the subject property and maps of the surrounding properties. Section 540 and the 5 criteria to pay reasonable regard to before rezoning. There were some property owners at the Plan Commission meeting that had no problem with the rezone but some requested that they not rezone their own properties. The buffer distance is about 60 ft with the new ordinance that is to be up for adoption soon. The Plan Commission recommended that be set to half the buffer distance if needed for adjoining properties. Baudendistel read the ordinance rezoning the Oxbow’s various parcels in Lawrenceburg Township. There were two exhibits attached to the ordinance showing color coded map and a list of the property owners.
Public discussion – Tim Mara representing Oxbow and their 3 other property owners spoke and gave a history of the land acquisitions over the years. He also said the flood plain was frequently flooded and they felt uncomfortable having a Manufacturing-3 zone given their purpose. They also lease a number of acres for farming to promote the agriculture in the county. The president of Oxbow was alos in the audience.
The commissioners passed the ordinance rezoning the Oxbow area to Agricultural zoning.

Resolution Regarding SCU- Special Crimes Unit- Building-Andy Baudendistel presented the ordinance. Lawrenceburg owns the building and they will lease it to SCU. They also gave $200,000. This resolution is substantially similar to Lawrenceburg’s resolution as required. Any additional money is coming out of the seizure fund. Shane McHenry said that he will be abstaining from this discussion due to his previous involvement with SCU. Tom McKay said- The building will be located by the Lawrenceburg City Garage is. Commissioners approved the resolution and agreement between the county and Lawrenceburg. McHenry abstained.

Steve Kelly- has a grant for Core Soft to help with the ankle bracelet system for Community Corrections. They are the first pilot program for this in Indiana. They have $150,000 and a match for $150,000 for total of $300,000 which is about $4,000 over the budgeted amount. 54 participants for Aug 15 of 2014 – June 30 of 2015.. They will have a separate fund for this grant. Pennington has that set up. Commissioners approved.

 ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall:  Jail Project Update- thanked citizens who came out to the jail tour on Saturday. Had a big turnout with 50 and then 30 on the 2nd tour. Has nothing more today.

Change Orders- Brad Rullman- Maxwell Construction- Commissioners have advance copies. All were approved by Commissioners: First two are additional. Third is a deduction:

$2838- for power to switch off water supply Security Nation Systems.
$11,252.21 Banta Electric – to change 45 lights from recessed to surface mounts
$4,066  Breckenridge Kitchen Equipment- 3 new double ovens were switched to only needing two.

Project Update- some unforeseen conditions but are still within the contingency. They are 85-90% complete with the project. The final phase is renovation of eth kitchen and booking area.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- had Sue send you a memo for an appointment needed for a vacancy on Miller Township board. Art Little was asked what to do. He will have a name for next meeting- Tabled.
Minutes for August 5th were approved. Claims approved.

EMS reimbursements for $250 each for EMT class- both were for Greendale EMTs. Approved to pay.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- Interlocal with municipalities regarding Animal Control Ordinance- probably not entirely necessary but wants to cover all their bases. The municipalities need to know that the ACO’s will only be enforcing the COUNTY ordinance. They are not compelled to enforce the city ordinance if it is different from ours. Greendale is not included in this at this point. They may elect to opt out of this. As of now though Greendale is still covered under this ordinance.

Baudendistel said that Sue Hayden said that the Veterans are asking the state to cover various therapies. Tabled to hear from the Veteran’s Officer on this.

Baudendistel reported that the County has a $25,000 escrow account for Tucker to complete Old Orchard. They will keep $10,000 and the existing bond will be released and a maintenance bond  required for 2 years. $15,000 will go back to Tucker. Listerman created a punch list to be completed by September 15. The agreement was approved to be signed by McHenry in front of the notary tomorrow. I asked if Tucker had any other outstanding unfinished projects. Baudendistel wasn't sure but said that he thought there were other bonds out on those. [NOTE: It is important that the county be protected for all unfinished roadways etc in subdivisions.]

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch thanked everyone who participated in the job fair with 74 companies and 260 applicants and 17 people were hired on the site. This is a 50% increase form last year. A great feeling of collaboration in our community.

Little- said that the tours of the jail were really interesting. He jokingly said it’s like a retirement home- but wouldn’t want to be locked up in there.

McHenry was watching kids soccer on the tour date which was like being in jail-



Meeting adjourned at  6:00 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

Special Crimes has their own building? I thought they were some sort of multi-jurisdictional task force? What's the lease amount?

Anonymous said...

Here in Dearborn County we have an extra "special" special crimes unit. Why wouldn't they get their own building?