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2 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

2 September 2014 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Vacancy on Miller Township Board- Art Little said that Jim Thatcher will do it now that he is retired from IRS. Approved.  McHenry joked about being on board until he said IRS.

Request to Support State to Cover Various Therapies for Veterans- Baudendistel said that had read resolution last time. The therapy is hyperbaric oxygen for TBI and PTSD. Approved the resolution.


2015 Harrison Contract- Chief Hursong- this is to reimburse Harrison for Fire/EMS Protection. There is a $10,000 reduction as agreed to previously. Harrison wants that corridor to develop as well. They have helped with sewer and water service. Randall said it was a testament to Harrison wanting to partner with us- keeping fees low. Lynch thanked them for being great neighbors. Baudendistel reviewed it already. Cost is $107,493 for EMS- signed. Randall said that Hursong was instrumental in getting Whitewater Mills covered and a HAZMAT plan. They were really thinking of all the safety issues.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT: Todd Listerman, Highway Engineer

Bridge Inspection Contract-between INDOT and the county to reimburse the county $184,800 which is 80% of our contracted amount. Commissioners approved the contract.

Change Order Bridge #8 Johnson Creek box beam type project- 7 change orders-all for guardrail removal $8387.50. The contract is under-running the total cost so this is OK.

Change Order – Removal of Asbestos on Bridge 55 for a house that had to be removed. This is Colllier Ridge Bridge. Cost is $9039.10. This is covered 80/20. Approved.

They will be closing Stateline to do slip replacement  and there will be community corrections working to get the trash out of there.

Striping starts when rain stops.

Rohe- Wilson Creek and Cole Lane paving weather permitting
EMA- Bill Black- Proclamation for September as Preparedness Month- said that they also work well with Harrison – as they helped with the incident this morning on the Whitewater.  Commissioners signed the proclamation. Getting Emergency preparedness kits in homes, businesses, and schools.  Little said that Bright Lions fill 5 gal buckets for classrooms possibly. Water, flashlights, portable radio, etc. Need at least 72 hours of coverage in your kit. Also get a plan set up. Black has sample kits for groups to look at and copy.
$15,000 grant to rewrite their emergency plan required for federal disaster money.  Baudendistel wants 25% up front and 75% on completion. They are contracting with Indiana University to do this. $3750 up front and $11,250 on completion. They will have 3 meetings and will work with GIS also for info.  Approved and signed.

Lynch asked Black about mutual aid agreements with other counties in KY. He has not done a lot with Hamilton County as they have run into a stalemate there. Campbell County is already agreed. Boone County is still talking- one of the issues being water rescue coordination. Lynch said he will see judge executive Gary Moore from over there at an event.

Rick Probst- County Clerk-( added to agenda)  Grant request- to be reimbursed, $2598.10- for magnified readers in the poll places. These are required by law. Approved. Handicapped voters who cannot stand will require a table to pull wheelchair up for.  Little said that they (judges) used to help them individually at the polls in prior years. Probst said that iIt is discouraged now to have someone read to them. They want them to have privacy and do as much as they can on their own. Ballots ordered and moving forward for Nov election.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- some emt units have asked about basic emt class up to $250. They want to know if they can use this for advanced class. It is first come – first served. Total budget for year is $4000.Baudendistel- remembered that they had this discussion for the bridge class when this first started. Tabled to check the original resolution.
County is testing the website and some departments are lagging behind in getting their content up. Hayden and she are going out helping each dept get trained. Randall on vacation- will miss next meeting but hopes to have roll out for Commissioners.
Courthouse Annex- she is looking at additional drawings for courthouse annex, she was up there last week. Looking at cost reduction and looking at additional options.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Aug 19 minutes approved. Claims approved.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:

Presentation of Animal Control Resolution Signed at last meeting-  authorizing entering into all the other citoes and towns wanting to be covered.

Ordinance for Animal Control Fine Schedule -working out kinks and individuals can pay a fine within 2 weeks and prevents cost of Baudendistel filing to collect and it costs $141 in court costs. The fine is to be paid to Animal Control. First thru third offenses in a 12 month period.  Max would be $1000. This schedule keeps things uniform. Council also has to approve this. C infractions start at $25. $1000 ones are for vicious dogs and interfering with Animal Control when handling a case, etc. The fines are to help with expense of Animal Control Enforcement. Approved.

Definitive Agreement Between Lawrenceburg and Dearborn County for SCU (Special Crimes Unit) Building- this will be the agreement with how the money will be distributed- escrow agreement with UCB bank. Nothing drawn out of escrow Mayor of Law’bg or a Commissioner will be on a board to settle disputes. City will own and county will lease for $1 or $10 a year. MCHENRY ABSTAINS FOM ALL DISCUSSION OR VOTE. No discussion. Approved by  two other Commissioners.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- Health Dept employee Bob Skidmore retired after 24 years. It reiterated the dedication and service of some employees. Lynch also thanked the website committee as there are some new things to interact with. Thanked Auditor and her staff to prepping for the budget hearings. That week sets the tone for the coming year. Also congratulated $218,000 grant to Shelton and Building dept to work on blighted properties. McCormack also helped get that grant. It is tremendous to see employees get involved and get this help. Justin Stephens – from Senator Coats office will be here at 11AM Wednesday for issues we have.

Little said Region 9 was impressed that we had gotten out application in so early. McCormack also said there is more money available as others have not applied.

McHenry- also thanked auditor and council for difficult job with cutting budget. Also keep Penny Schroeder in thoughts and prayer as her husband passed away. She was instrumental in Animanl Control and PAWS alliance.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Celeste Calvitto- Bright Beacon- wanted more info on how to do the roadside cleanup- as they have volunteers. McHenry wanted to be sure the citizens were in a safer location for liability issues.  She also brought up a form used for the Whitewater River Cleanup

PUBLIC COMMENT- Kathy Scott- lives on Barber Road- and asked about the issues regarding the flour mills project and the potential for fire and ems being able to handle it. Sure that the silo is state of the art and wanted to be sure that we are prepared for any problems. This silo contains chlorine gas as that is what it is bleached with. They have to keep large amounts on site. The emissions are negligible in the processing- but the storage is the potential issue. A fire here would be a huge issue. She thinks the county would benefit from having a committee that devises a plan for this silo. Who will bear the cost of the fire dept?  Would the silo owner’s insurance bear any cost? She said looking at IDEM site would give the info. McHenry said that he agrees- and Aurora does this with theirs. We also have agreements with Cincinnati. He will definitely make sure that is what is going on and is sure that Harrison’s chief is already checking on this. She hopes the plan can be shared with the community. She also said that you can look up silo fires online. Lynch said that Whitewater Mills has been working with the fire and ems on this. He appreciates Scott bringing it to their attention.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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