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17 November 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 November 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

This meeting was preceded by an executive session at 5 PM
Meeting started at 5:40 PM

McHenry asked for a moment of silence for three people who have recently passed away: Mike Seitz, Jason Richardson, and Sharon Orschell (wife of former Commissioner Tom Orschell)

Verification of Executive Session on Pending Litigation that only that was discussed.

Action of Executive Session- attorney is to file an answer on the pending litigation. No official action.

Public Comment to Amendment to Chapter 70 Traffic Rules/ Ordinance Book Regarding ATVs and Golf Carts- 
One person asked how the roads were picked where ATV’s would not be permitted. His issue was trying to get Ohio County from Cole Lane.  Listerman said that the committee based it on road conditions, speed limits, and traffic counts. He said Cole Lane has curves and 45 mph speed limits. 
McHenry said many have UTV’s with side by sides and he had several people ask about those saying they were more safe than many motorcycles. UTV’s are different from ATV’s and so maybe they can redefine the off road vehicles better.
Commissioners TABLED this for the committee to take some additional consideration. Maybe add some citizens to the committee. They also decided to delay implementation of the ordinance as it was technically approved at the last meeting.  

Contract with FSSA Re: Inmate Application for Medicaid- McHenry said Dave Hall has been getting some information- TABLED AGAIN.

Pulse Point Contract- Jared Teaney presented the short powerpoint on it. Pulse Point is an APP for cell phones so that citizens can respond for CPR for a sudden cardiac arrest. This APP gets alerted when the 911 call is initiated. You also build the AED registry of where all the defibrillators are in public buildings. $10,000 first year plus $8,000 per year. First year is $18,000 total. DCHospital is paying for $10,000. Hospital backs this strongly. This is an innovative approach for a county like ours. The enthusiasm is the biggest plus- it gets everyone involved. The APP talks you thru the steps of CPR also. So even though training may have been in the past it can refresh you. There is a time limit for the defibrillator to work- but good CPR extends that time possibly per DC hospital trainer. The contract has been reviewed by Baudendistel. Commissioners approved and signed it. 

Roger Howard,  DC Hospital, also talked about their affiliation with TriHealth to help stop the need for a sale or a merger. Our people usually go to Cincinnati for tertiary care rather than Indy. It’s a clinical line affiliation that brings MD sub specialists to our community. Wanted to have it delivered locally. Trying to keep the care local if it is good here to do that. No assets or money exchanged. Going to buy some back office systems from them. Bundled payments will be helped by this too. One check gets cut to the acute care hospital to pay them, the docs, and the nursing home/rehab etc for Orthopedics for example. They will also try to get into insurance networks that they were unable to get into before. They aren’t on EPIC yet- as all the Cinti hospital systems are- but they can communicate across their platform. They will have to decide in the future whether to convert to that or not.

Update on INDIANA Bicentennial Plans- CVTB- Debbie Smith- 2016 is the bicentennial year. They will raise the flag. They can do legacy projects to turn in. Hill forest is doing their cabin for example. Logo on county brochure. Signature event is a torch relay across all counties- Saturday- Sept 17th here in Dearborn County. Looking at possible parade for this event perhaps. The torch ends here in Lawrenceburg. They have been working with the state offices on this.  

EMA Director- Jason Sullivan- Request to approach Council for New Tornado Siren in Dillsboro- 1979 and it had been non - functional for a year and a half or more. $22,913.24 is the quote form MobilCom. Approved to go to Council.

Sullivan also asked that Rick Tenhundfeld from Health Dept  be the appointee for District Planning Council Appointment- approved.

2015 EMPG Local Base Award Grant- Electronic Approval needed per Sullivan. Pennington submits this digitally if they approve it. Approved. 

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer- Ratify Signatures for Stateline Reconstruction in Bright- Ratified.
Stateline Project is advertised- bid date of Dec 15th and the award hopefully will be in January and Construction in March 2016. Last utility to move is the phone company- they are relocating now. 
Bids on Bonnell coming in for December approval. Annual material bids also for 2nd meeting in Dec. Listerman will be available at home over Thanksgiving Break. Salt situation is in pretty good shape per Listerman.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- Courthouse Annex project is moving along now. Design-development phase is in preliminary proof now. Wants DLZ to come in soon to present that. They need to do a parking site for the project and a preliminary is done. They can’t proceed with a building permit without that as Lawrenceburg is requiring it- even though they had given the a pass with the jail on parking. Construction documents and details are in the next phase that lasts till February. 
Apologize that they had to reschedule a Dillsboro EMS meeting- probably in January when they have their new President.  

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- claims approved. She also thanked the state for the bicentennial flag for each county. . 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- the strip of land in Villages of Sugar Ridge for the drainage spot will probably be available at tax sale. About 1 acre. Process has been moving forward. As long as no one redeems it. 

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch wanted to recognize all the veterans groups and citizens who attended Recognize Celeste Calvitto on the litter signs and the getting them on the state roads. Getting us focused on trash and cleaning up. 
Little- Congrats to EC football - they made semi-state.
McHenry congratulated Pennington for making outstanding auditor.
He also said Congrats to Alan Goodman who is new Councilman replacing Lyness. Couldn’t ask for a better replacement.

PUBLIC COMMENT- Celeste Calvitto- she went to Randy Frey who went to INDOT and they are getting 80 signs to get those state roads done. 100 are for the county roads. 
Eli Grossman- lives on Bell Arbor- a guy from Texas has illegally closed a county road. There is a dump out there too. McHenry said there is plan of action in place to a dress that. 


Meeting Adjourned at 6:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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