Monday, January 25, 2016

Two Dearborn County Citizens Apply for IN Supreme Court Vacancy

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2016
30 apply for Indiana Supreme Court vacancy
The Judicial Nominating Commission received 30 applications for the upcoming Indiana Supreme Court vacancy. The following attorneys and judges have applied for the seat which will be available when Justice Brent E. Dickson retires April 29, 2016 after 30 years as a judicial branch leader.

1.         Hon. James R. Ahler, Jasper Superior Court
2.         Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael, Clark Circuit Court 4
3.         Hon. Paul R. Cherry, U.S. District Ct., Hammond
4.         Eugene N. Chipman, Jr., Plymouth
5.         David E. Cook, Indianapolis
6.         Hon. Kit C. Crane, Henry Circuit Court 2
7.         Hon. Darrin M. Dolehanty, Wayne Superior Court 3
8.         Hon. Thomas J. Felts, Allen Circuit Court
9.         Thomas M. Fisher, Indianapolis
10.       Elizabeth C. Green, Indianapolis
11.       Hon. Frances C. Gull, Allen Superior Court
12.       Lyle R. Hardman, South Bend
13.       Hon. Steven L. Hostetler, St. Joseph Superior Court
14.       Hon. Matthew C. Kincaid, Boone Superior Court 1
15.       Mark A. Lienhoop, La Porte
16.       Hon. Sally A. McLaughlin, Dearborn Superior Court 2
17.       Hon. Larry W. Medlock, Washington Circuit Court
18.       Hon. Steven R. Nation, Hamilton Superior Court 1
19.       Jaime M. Oss, Michigan City
20.       Bryce D. Owens, Pendleton
21.       Peter J. Rusthoven, Indianapolis
22.       John H. Shean, Bloomington
23.       Curtis E. Shirley, Indianapolis
24.       Geoffrey G. Slaughter, Indianapolis
25.       Ted A. Waggoner, Rochester
26.       Rep. Thomas W. Washburne, Evansville
27.       Leanna K. Weissmann, Lawrenceburg
28.       Thomas E. Wheeler, II, Indianapolis
29.       Karen A. Wyle, Bloomington
30.       Thomas P. Yoder, Fort Wayne

According to the Indiana Constitution and state statute, the seven-member Commission must recruit and select candidates to fill the vacancy on the state’s highest court. The Commission will review applications, consider applicants’ legal education, writings, reputation in the practice of law, and other pertinent information.
Initial interviews are February 17-19 with a second round March 3-4. They are open to the public and will take place at the Indiana State House in room 319. When the February interview schedule is made public, applications and photographs will be available online. Attachments, including writing samples and transcripts, will be available February 5 from10:00-11:30 a.m. in the Supreme Court Law Library. After February 5, the attachments are available in person at the library.
After interviews and deliberations in an executive session, the Commission will publicly vote to send the three most qualified names to Governor Mike Pence. The Governor has 60 days to select Indiana's next justice.

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