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2 Feb 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

2 Feb 2016 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator


Employee Handbook Update- Pennington said that the social media policy and matrix system changes along with maintenance and clarifications were changed. Commissioners approved the revisions as presented. 

Appointments to Economic Development Commission - Commissioners” Selectee and Lawrenceburg Nominee- McHenry said that Bryan Messmore was the Lawrenceburg nominee and commissioners approved him. The Commissioners selectee was Casey Knigga from Bright and they approved him. 


Litter Committee Update - Celeste Calvitto and Jason Eckhoff, Deputy Chief Bright Fire Dept.- INDOT is using their program as a pilot project to see how litter signs work. There is a new partner in the litter program. The Bright Fire Dept. is supporting the campaign and supporting Celeste Calvitto. They think beautifying the county is important. He noted that you essentially get blind to litter as you see it so much. When it gets cleaned up it is so much better. They hope more folks will join the in litter pick up. McHenry said that they want to add a member of the Bright Fire Dept and also the sheriff dept to the committee. This will help with traffic control for pickup also. 

Juvenile Center’s Nurse and Doctor Agreements- Tracy Agner from the juvenile center presented. Dr Samantha Wood, for $11,133 per year was approved. Ron Phillips as the nurse for $12,742/year was approved.

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer:
Signatures for acceptance of Stateline Slip on the hill between HVL entrances. This was an 80/20 project. Signature for final inspection was approved. 

Small Structure Inventory Presentation- 80/20 project thru OKI on the small structures greater than 4 ft and less than 20 ft (big culverts or small “bridges.”) The last one was done in 2004. Steve Christianson was the project engineer on this. He presented the report. They inspected all the small structures in the county. 305 structures. 32 were added to inventory since 204 and 10 dropped off since 2004. 44 were low graded as less than 16 tons. 133 could use some safe work. 15 need rip rap etc to prevent erosion etc. Estimated- $3million for  replacements, $400,000 rehab and $330,000 maintenance costs thru 2023. Commissioners accepted the report and also info in flash drive. Lynch noted that the state is looking at a dollar for dollar match for some replacement costs. Hoping that Bill 1001 might pass- he had heard that from Randy Frye. 
Listerman said that this report is a tool to manage our limited resources. He also said the structures with limits need to be marked for safety also. He thinks this report and inspections should be done on a 5-6 year schedule similar to the regular bridges being on a 2 year schedule.

Ratify Signature- Letter of Support of Community Corrections Annual Grant Application- Criminal Justice Reinvestment Grant Budget. It is unclear what the term reinvestment meant- Steve Kelly was not present to explain that.Commissioners ratified McHenry's signature on the application support letter.  LATER IN THE MEETING - McHenry advised me that the grant was for justice system to shift focus.  Rather than spending on prison building they reinvest in  probation programs, community base substance abuse programs , and reducing admission of Class D felonies. Google Justice Reinvestment in Indiana for more info per McHenry. 

Sale of Vehicles with Lutz Auction- Randall said they used to have a big auction and the inventory sat around longer. Now they use Lutz because he does auctions all the time. He gets 10% of the sale price. and county pays for ad. She said we have about 10 vehicles including those that were given to other debts and HVL- so they have been really used. They need a lot of repairs and are sold as-is. Lutz will draft a new agreement for us. Baudendistel said we have to do the notice that all the signage and two toned colors have to be removed so that they don’t look like police vehicles after sold. Approved. 

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- Happy Groundhog’s Day- looks like an early spring. 
There have been some new regulations on bonding for anyone that touches money. It’s $100 per person. Instead we can do a blanket crime policy for the people who handle small amounts. The people handling larger amounts still will still be individually bonded. Baudendistel said this is permitted by statute and Council approved the ordinance for this. The application for the policy is approved. 
We are also required to have a policy for internal controls and Pennington has been helpful with this. You will have to have  policy i n writing for internal controls on money handling. How to have double checks. [NOTE:Most businesses would have these, why does the county not have them already?]
To receive federal funds you have to have a Title VI policy- a non-discrimination policy. Listerman has helped with this.
Redevelopment Commission will meet Fe 4 (see notice of that meeting previously posted on this blog) to adopt the amendments to the TIF district and receive proposals for prospective businesses for the land currently proposed for Skally’s. 
House Bill 1001 - we have been following that weekly with Barnes and Thornburg. It has been really tense- looking for cigarette and gas tax increases. They are on the track to provide some additional funds. Hoping to see some additional road funding. 

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- claims and minutes approved. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- none

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: Lynch said Randy Frye will be in Dillsboro on Saturday for citizens to question him and talk about the port etc..
Little talked about Groundhog Day.
McHenry said they had a first annual Tim Tyler Memorial Basketball tournament at South Dearborn. Said there was huge community support and also support from neighboring counties. Most proud of this county because of the volunteers.

PUBLIC COMMENT- With the anti litter campaign going on, I asked about the Red Plum ads that are tossed in the driveways and ditches all over the county on a weekly basis. I counted 15 of them on the right side of SR 48 on my way to the meeting. One was even in the median of the highway. McHenry is going to call and check on this. They get theirs in their mailboxes. But other areas get them unsolicited just dropped by the driveways. He noted that the insert has postage paid printed on it- so they are bypassing the post office. I also remarked that these inserts pile up weekly in driveways of people who leave on longer vacations. It's a security issue and individuals cannot stop it from happening. (You can put a hold mail and newspaper deliveries, not these. )

Kathy Scott- thanked Celeste for the litter signs put out. Didn’t want too many signs out- combine signs perhaps. Make this a community event to get litter picked up. She offered several ideas on contests and would donate $100 for a litter bag program with kids. She also advised commissioners of  places where clusters of parkers are out dropping bottles and or drugs going on after dark. McHenry was looking for the locations of the clusters of trash and parkers which she gave him. 
Celeste said: A lady contacted her with someone who threw out trash and she followed them and got the license. They can report those.


LATE ARRIVAL- Jared Teaney was unavailable so McHenry covered this: 911 board appointments- Jeff Lane was nominated to fill the spot and Commissioners approved. 
Vacant EMS spot looking at board to see where current reps are from to balance it out. Tables this till next meeting.

Wed Feb 17th  from 4-7 PM at East Central Performing Arts Center Bright Connector Study. 

Meeting Adjourned at 9:35AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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