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22 November 2016 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

 22 November 2016 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes
Present: Liz Morris, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, Alan Goodman, and Bill Ullrich. 
ABSENT: Dennis Kraus, Sr. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator
Liz Morris read the title VI statement as legally required.
PROSECUTOR- Aaron Negangard- Personnel- Thanked the Council - Negangard this will be his last meeting  with Council. He has been named Chief deputy for Attorney General - elect, Curtis Hill, starting Jan 9th. Hopes to take what he has learned as a prosecutor to the state. Liz Morris thanked him for his years of service too. She noted that she took his position on Council years ago. 
Wayne County’s Adult Protective Services region needed help and with two additional personnel from them Negangard feels he can do a better job serving 10 counties with personnel for Adult Protective Services than the 5 counties he now serves. Two individuals will be added based on the grant for $125,094. Needs approval from Council to bring those two people on. They will be employees of Dearborn Ohio County prosecutor’s office. In the past the county had to supply some of the overage. He said this will not be the case. There will be a tsunami of elderly people by 2030 and need people to deal with that issue. It may grow out of the prosecutor’s office. When the money goes- these positions go. They will be hired knowing this. PAC- Personnel Advisory Committee recommended this be approved. This is a 2 year period grant. Wayne County is needing help- which is why we are gaining those 5 counties in their region. This may change coming out of next year’s legislative session. Council approved with Lansing motioning and Ullrich 2nding.
PARK BOARD- Jim Red Elk- Park Board Appointment- appointed again by Council.
Playground Improvements- $2200 . This is for playground equipment repairs and swings. Material costs included are $1635.08. Local citizen - Celeste Calvitto- wrote check for $3500 for Park Foundation to fund this and the sign refinishing for $1300. So no county money needed. 
Parking lot for disc golf etc.is $7700, split rail fence and gate $4500, picnic shelter $7000 for total $19,200. Approved with Brandt motion and Lansing 2nd. Out of fund 179- non-reverting Capital Account.
County Farm Improvements- Refinishing signs- $1300- also covered by Celeste Calvitto’s check for $3500 
Vandalism is improving due to the video monitoring system. Council thanked Celeste for her donation. Council approved the donation. 
JAIL- Sheriff Kreinhop- Inmate Medical Care- $15,000. This will cover to the end of the year. The bulk of the budget cover Advanced Correctional Healthcare. Dentist and Mental Health therapist gets covered. They make every effort to have the courts release inmates on their own recognizance with known medical issues on non- violent cases etc. Brandt motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved out of Riverboat

COMMISSIONERS- Terri Randall- Request draw for Courthouse Annex Project. After looking at funds that mature in January with Council president and Auditor- she revised the request to  $1.4 million draw down tonight. Come back in January for about $3 million on the CD that is coming due for the county so they can get that interest. Keyes asked for more input. She said they get projections that are ball park numbers from Maxwell. These are only projections and we have contracts to pay. Keyes said maybe we should have more meetings perhaps so we get more interest rather than taking too much out at once. Ullrich motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved. Lansing NAY.

REGIONAL SEWER DISTRICT- Steve Renihan- Wilson Creek Project $84,670.26 for extension on Wilson Creek. They have been working with Lawrenceburg city interlocal agreement. They are also looking to work with them on Guilford area. Olen Clawson from Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities spoke said he sees a real need for cooperation to solve these issues. Morris said these projects get cost prohibited due to the lower density in the county. Clawson said this is their first attempt at a cooperative venture for these 14 homes. There are 7 homes that want to hook on right away. This system is voluntary hook-up like all county ones. Clawson said that eventually the county will need to get all hooked up to make the system work correctly and size the flows appropriately on the lines. Utility Board is fully aware of this concept per Clawson. With a 4th port on the Ohio this may lead to more development and need for sewers. Randall asked about the rates - county rates would be the same as Lawrenceburg rates. Rider associated with the rates for these homes to help repay the $85,000 charged. Greendale Aurora and Lawrenceburg have different rates now. As customers get added to the system rates can change. Try to get to an average rate for all residential customers. Brandt motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved. 
In 2017- the DCRSD Board will be funded by their receipts. There may be some situations that require the Council to revisit that. 

SUPERIOR COURT PROBATION/COMMUNITY CORRECTIONS- Steve Kelly - Grant to expand the veterans regional court for Judge Cleary for a diversion program. 
Kristy Alig salary- switch salary to be paid for by the Veteran’s Court Grant. If the grant does not renew in September she will go back on the county payroll. Brandt motioned and Ullrich 2nd. Approved.

Kayla Griffin salary- promoted to case manager and getting rid of her old position. Found that they did not expand as much as projected by criminal code changes. This saves $30,600. Lansing motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved. 

AUDITOR-  Gayle Pennington- Maintenance -Utilities- There is $35,000 in COIT to pay for this. This is needed for December. Balance will be small in COIT after this. Lansing motioned and Ullrich 2nd . Approved. 

SIRPC appointment- Dennis Kraus agrees to serve still- Brandt motioned and Goodman 2nd. He was reappointed. 

2017 Meeting dates- Jan 24, May 23, Aug 28-Sept 1 Budget, and Nov 28th. These 4 are mandated by the state. More will be added as needed. Approved. 

2017 Salary Ordinance- finished based on the budget. Ullrich motioned and Goodman 2nd. Approved. 

Minutes from the July 26 meeting were approved. Both budget hearing and adoption 3 weeks later Oct 21 minutes were approved. Council members missing abstained from voting. 

Ullrich said that Morris and he discussed the warning sirens briefly. He thought that that discussion needed to be continued as noted in the local paper with Dillsboro. They will put this on the agenda for January. The municipalities may need to fund these. Randall said that the commissioners have received some calls on this. She talked to Jason Sullivan and Commissioner McHenry. They will be putting out a press release. They have Sullivan and Teaney to do research on this. Nothing has changed yet- the broken sirens have been broken for over a year. Morris said they need facts on these sirens. EMA is for the whole county- the cities don’t have these mandates. Randall said- Let the experts work on this. Check with other counties. Morris feels that reverse 911 on the cells is good.  

Brandt wished everyone a happy thanksgiving.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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