Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting - January 26

At the January 26 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting they elected new officers for 2004. Chairman is Mark Mitter, Vice Chairman is Rick Pope, Secretary is Patrick De Maynadier. Attorney is Arnie McGill. There were six members present on the nine member Board. Absent were Rick Pope, Commissioner Karen Shell, and Tarry Feiss.

John Maxwell and Randy Lyness were granted a variance for a single lot in Harley Springs to access an arterial (North Dearborn). Nina Meyer's request to have a flag lot access to SR1 was tabled until the February meeting. Administrative requests included updates on the master plan with 70 in attendance at the EC Open House and 50 at LHS last week. SD Open House is this Saturday from 12-2. There will be some slight changes in the master plan advisory group timeline, though the current meeting dates will remain essentially the same.

Travis Miller, Planning Director will be the Planning Commission's rep for the OKI Meetings. Travis also discussed his past involvement with the Dearborn County Economic Development Initiative with the Plan Commission. Conclusion was to limit his involvement to being an information source (as for any citizen request), but not a proponent, because of potential conflict of interest with land use decisions.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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