Thursday, January 22, 2004

First meeting of the Manchester Area Civic Assn. for 2004

Manchester Township's civic association (MACA) will be holding its quarterly meeting this Thursday, Jan. 29, from 7pm to 8pm (or later as needed) in the basement of the Zion Lutheran church on Rt. 48. Topics will include feedback on requests for suggested projects for the Association, consideration of a possible 'Meet the candidates' night, and information provided by Dearborn County Parks relevent to activities at the Gladys Russel Wildlife Preserve and in particular regarding its water service project in that area.

At the last meeting members were asked to think about community needs and formulate ideas on projects that might be within the capabilities of the Association to accomplish. This will be an opportunity to present those ideas for action.

Do you know who is running for office in Dearborn County this year? Do you know what issues may be active that affect your life? If so, come help others learn about them. If not, find out how the Association can help you learn what you need to know to be an informed voter.

Finally, as some who live along White Plains already know, the Park Board has been trying to get water service to the visitor area of the Gladys Russell park. Come learn how this is progressing and what other activities are ongoing at the park.

See you there.

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