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16 August 2004 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting

Present: Karen Shell, President, and Dan Batta.
Absent: Vera Benning
Also present: Cary Pickens, Auditor, Lisa Lehner, Attorney, and Lorie Howard, Administrator.

1. Planning and Zoning – Travis Miller – Clarification changes on connections of arterial streets for Article 3 Section 305 M were presented. Batta motioned and Shell 2nd. Passed.
Karen Shell also brought up a complaint by Mike Sizemore concerning dust control on the Sugar Hill Subdivision excavation project. Sizemore claims that Gehring Group doing the excavating is not using the water truck to control dust appropriately. Travis Miller has some language from the DNR regarding state codes on this. Shell asked him to have Plan Commission consider looking into adding it to the subdivision control ordinance, so that these problems can also be handled locally.

2. Lifetime Resources – Ellen Davis – Commissioner’s signed a letter of intent for IFHA owner occupancy rehabilitation grant worth $300,000. Council will be getting a request from Lifetime Resources for the 10% match of $30,000. There is a $15,000 max that can be obtained per house. Finals due in October.

3. County Administrator- Lorie Howard – reported that per Cathy Dils, the YES home septic repairs finished under budget of $15,000.
The IDEM/OKI, big businesses, and municipalities are meeting at the chamber at 10 AM on August 18 to discuss the air quality ratings for Lawrenceburg Township and how to remedy the situation.
Gayle Pennington and Judges are shredding documents per the records destruction ordinance.
Security issues in the Adm. Building – survey responses indicated the staff felt panic buttons were the best solution. Cameras and keypads were only voted on by 4 out of about 12 offices. [NOTE: This addresses personal safety issues of the employees during the day- but the original question seemed to be about access to the building, equipment, and records at night.] Commissioners OK’d panic buttons.
Barry Pruss – sewer board memberturned in his signed conflict of interest form- indicating NO Conflicts. Commissioners accepted it. It will be filed with Clerk’s Office per state law. Karen Shell asked if Rodney Dennerline’s form was in, because she has been getting calls regarding his statement in particular. Lisa Lehner said Dennerline’s was signed. Karen asked why it wasn’t on file at Clerk’s office. Lisa said probably because it had to be accepted by the Health Board first, since they appointed him. [NOTE: State law does not require the appointing board to be notified BEFORE the form is filed. Health Board frequently cancels meetings due to lack of a quorum. That should not hold up Dennerline’s official statement.]
Commissioners signed the contract for $4200 for American Tower (911 building) regarding wireless needs. Plans are to get out of that lease and move to a new 911 place “soon” because of costs.
For 2005 Health Plan- the commissioners OK’d Pinnacle to write up the plan agreement to include a wellness program and also a $1200 HRA for any employee opting out of the plan. The HRA is contributed at a rate of $100 per month- not a lump sum.

4. Highway Dept. – Mike Davis- no written report turned in. (Commissioners requested that at their last meeting) Verbal report on maintenance, line striping, small structures inventory, and mowing progress, included the opening of the Phase 2 bids.
Barrett- $1,238,875.58
Rohe - $859,608.35
O’Mara - $889,398.19

Commissioners will take them under advisement and Lisa Lehner will check bid documents prior to awarding the contract.
White’s Hill contract was passed, as was the notice of award. Contractor- O’Mara – will be required to turn in various submittals on a timeline created in the project. Supervising will be done by the SURVEY GROUP using a junior engineer for 20 hours per week and a project mgr. – Ted Cooley- for 4 hours per week. Cost is hourly rate with a not to exceed clause of $35,156. Commissioners voted to allow Mike Davis to sign this agreement when Lisa finishes the language changes to reflect the not to exceed agreement section.

5. County Attorney- Lisa Lehner- reported that the documents for George St. bridge walkway were finished and set for 5 year term to 12/31/2009. Charlie Fehrman signing them will mean the state attorney general doesn’t have to. The Aurora City Att’y will present this to their council now.
Short Ridge property owner agreement is finished and work can proceed now.

6. Cary Pickens- Auditor- minutes saved for Vera Benning to be available. Claims signed.

7. Commissioners – Economic Development Initiative had a meeting last week and passed their by-laws. Because the county donated money to the organization for three years, Council and Commissioners each get an appointment to the board. They can choose one of their members or a designee. Commissioners chose to send Lorie Howard, the County Adm. he will have voting rights. It was stated that Lisa Lehner is the attorney for the Economic Development Initiative also. [Note: If Lisa Lehner is a member of the Initiative, she has invested money in it. If she is the attorney for it also, then should she be advising the county on issues relating to that organization?]
Discussion included the idea that Charlie Fehrman for Council thought they could send Travis Miller, the County Planning Director. [NOTE: This would present an ethical conflict of interest for Travis Miller. The Planning Office is likely to be involved at some future date in land use or zoning regarding potential sites for economic development. Plan Commission is Miller’s “boss” and the appointment would have to be approved by them. Plan Commission already discussed this with Miller when he was questioned during the early development stages of this Economic Development Organization. It was their feeling that he should not be a member of that group, but could serve their needs, the same as he would for any other county business or citizen.]

8. Public comment – Phil Darling- asked when the county website would be updated to include minutes for commissioner meetings. Commissioners still want minutes to be approved before posting- not drafts. This significantly delays the public’s knowledge of what goes on in these meetings.

Meeting adjourned: 8:40 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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