Friday, August 06, 2004

Retirement Benefits for Public Officials?

I hope the discussions of providing health benefits beyond the term office are simply idle discussions.

In the real world (non political) many people who have employment cannot even obtain health benefits through their company and for those that do have health benefits, their benefits cease when they leave their employment (service to their employer), except that they can extend their benefits for 6 months under COBRA, if they pay the full premium.

Why should employment as a public official be any different? Is this simply another way for public officials to gain advantage at the expense of the private citizens who pay taxes?

If elected officials leave their temporary employment with the government, they should be no different from the citizens who elected them to the temporary job.

If extended health coverage is desired for elected officials, why not a plan to provide health coverage for all the citizens of Dearborn County, who leave their employment or better yet all those who are employed and don't have health coverage. Silly suggestion, right?

Ralph Thompson, PE

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