Monday, December 20, 2004

20 December 2004 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

20 December 2004 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present- Karen Shell, President, and Dan Batta. Absent: Vera Benning
Also present: Cary Pickens, Auditor, Lisa Lehner, Attorney, and Lorie Howard, Administrator.

This was the final meeting of the year.

1. Lifetime Resources- Ellen Davis- gave an update on owner occupied rehab grants for ages 55 and up, disabled, making less than $36,000 for a single homeowner. They also have enough money for 43 home loans assistance for first time homeowners. 10 people have completed their course and 5 are closing on homes by the end of 2004.

2. Lorie Howard presented the following items:
SIRPC item on release of liens was tabled till 2005 when a representative can come to explain the issues.
Commissioners approved the 2004-2005 encumbrance list.
Knueven Food Service was approved for the vending machines.

3. Mike Davis- Transportation- reported on hwy progress on White’s Hill- where they are having some problems getting a legible design to O’Mara for part of the work, causing delay in the project.
Staff is preparing a 2005 plan for the new board of commissioners.
All bids for asphalt, culverts, etc were approved except for a fuel bid that was far higher than the rest.
Commissioners voted to approve the berming project with O’Mara with Lisa Lehner to see final contract and not to exceed $75,000. 147 account is to be tapped for this project. They will be berming primary roads only.

4. Lisa Lehner- Attorney went over the Local Aid agreement with Bill Black (Emergency Management) He will be checking on liability issues compensation and death benefits clause, and FEMA section on reimbursed expenses. They will review his findings before finalizing the interlocal agreement with Ohio and KY.
The Fair Housing agreement was revised per instructions from last meeting and approved by commissioners tonight.
Commissioners deferred the legislative services agreement with Lewis and Kappes until 2005. This is the LOBBYIST AGREEMENT. [Note: there has been no public reporting of these services in the past year- it would seem that the county is paying for something, but no one seems to be able to verify that they are doing anything for us really.]
There are several lawsuits pending in the county- some are just class action suits, others are suits where the county is named as a matter of course. Lisa Lehner did mention that local attorneys- Ewbank and Kramer- have two suits pending against the county.

5. Auditor: Minutes were approved for both November meetings, even though Karen Shell was absent for one. Commissioners did it because, there was no other was to close out the year; the new commissioners couldn’t vote on a meeting they weren’t part of.
Claims approved.

6.Public Comment: Ralph Thompson presented commissioners with information on perpetual pavement design.
He thanked them both for their services and wished them good lick for next year.
Lastly he presented research on the minutes and background regarding Old Pruss Road and the issues on the proposed Rump Road off Grelle road. [Note: See meetings previous where the Rumps and Burkes are requesting this entire gravel road to be accepted for county maintenance, rather than just the 100 feet that the county took in 2002. Heather Benning Rump is Vera Benning’s daughter.]

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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