Tuesday, December 28, 2004

27 December 2004 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

27 December 2004 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

I was not present at this meeting. The following is a condensed summary of the meeting decisions.

1. Primary approval for Jeff and Jerry Tucker for a 2-lot replat of Little Cedar Ridge, Phase 2 on 2.629 residential acres One Mile Rd. in Miller Township was APPROVED with a condition on providing a drainage easement for the adjoining LMH sewer treatment facility.

2. Primary approval for a 3-lot major division of land for Hapanowicz Estates (7 acres of Residential land on North Dearborn Road in Logan Township) for Steve and Carol Hapanowicz with Dennis Kraus presenting. This was APPROVED with the condition that the Gilley property had to have a driveway permit prior to secondary approval on the subdivision.

3. Primary approval for a 7-lot major division of 17.8 acres of Residential land on Salt Fork Rd. in Miller Township presented by Carol Morman for owners Robert and Gary Althoff was APPROVED as presented. Six lots had shared driveways and the seventh had direct access.

Working meetings for ordinance revisions were set for the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The first one is Jan 19th at 7PM in the regular meeting room at the Adm. Bldg. ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS FOR THE MASTER PLAN will be notified by mail of this schedule and encouraged to sign up and or attend meetings of particular interest or for which they have particular expertise. Other citizens or appropriate personnel will also be encouraged to give input. The first meeting will focus on sanitary sewers.

Travis Miller also presented some draft forms for utilities, schools, etc. as requested by the plan commission at their last working session. Plan Commission members have until the 19th to review them and suggest changes if needed.

Plan Commission members will be signing up for separate committees to work on ordinance changes in small groups also. Topics are: AG zone standards and Residential zone subclassifications, Cul-de-sac street requirements, Sewer treatment, Road standards, and Lot frontages and direct access requirements.

Staff is reviewing minor ordinance language changes and clarifications, as well.

Meeting adjourned by 9:45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Submitted from information from the Planning and Zoning Office
Lawrenceburg Township

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