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31 January Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

31 January 2005 Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mark Mitter, Chairman, Rick Pope, Vice Chairman, Jeff Hughes, Patrick de Maynadier, Tarry Feiss, Dennis Kraus, Jr., and Mike Hall. Absent: Nick Held and Jane Ohlmansiek Arnie McGill, Att’y also present, as was Travis Miller, Planning Director, and Mark McCormack, Enforcement Officer.

[NOTE: The last three items on the Jan 24 agenda were rescheduled to this meeting on January 31st due to the time constraints.]

Chappelow Ridge Subdivision Renamed and Replatted Due to Lack of Sewer Access
1. 7:05 PM Primary approval for 7-lot replat of Williams Retreat with Steve Heil and owner William Heil. Dennis Kraus Sr. presenting. Property is 64,174 acres of Ag land in Logan/Kelso Township off Bischoff Road.
Dennis Kraus, Jr. stepped down from the Plan Commission for this item.
A letter from the family’s attorney was presented detailing that all attempts to get easements for sewer access had been exhausted. Williams Retreat Rod is gravel and will be paved after the homes are built.

Lonnie Doherty (sp?) , adjoining property owner, stated that he couldn’t get septic for his 22-acres next door due to soil issues. He had to get St. Leon sewer access at considerable personal expense. He also asked that the county departments work together to do this development in the area correctly with road and sewer access.

Hall noted that there was one small lot at 4.497 acres as opposed to three in the previous plan. This was better suited to the Ag zone. They also noted that the sewer areas needed to be noted on the plat much like “easements” to prevent ANY building or roadways over them.
Feiss and de Maynadier were concerned with sewer issue and the 5-acre lot consistency. Hughes had no comment- doesn’t bother me any.
Pope noted that sewer issue didn’t bother him, but wished they had more say in St. Leon Sewer access.
Mitter said the sewer issue was his primary concern.
Pope motioned to approve as stated on the application. Hall 2nd. All ayes.

OxBow Cleans Up Plat by Vacating Streets in Hardintown
2. 7:40 PMVacating streets in Hardintown in Lawrenceburg Township on 4.1569 acres in M-3 Zone. Oxbow is the owner represented by Tim Mara (attorney) and Andrea Shuter, The Survey Company.
Rick Pope stepped down from the Plan Commission for this item as he leases land to farm from the Oxbow.
Oxbow paid about $1.5 million to acquire 600 acres in the Oxbow as well as having conservation easements over 300 more acres that are farmed.

There were no public comments.

Kraus, Jr. motioned to pass a favorable recommendation to the commissioners to vacate the streets of the Oxbow along with adherence to technical review comments 3 thru 6 detailing plat corrections and corner markers to be taken care of when floodwaters subside. Feiss 2nd. All ayes for favorable recommendation.

Villages of Sugar Ridge Get Major Replat and Two Private Roads Added
3. 8:00 PM Primary approval for replat of access ways and easements for Sugar Ridge on 315.1 acres of Planned Unit Development in Miller and Lawrenceburg Township on Stateline Road.
Rick Pope stepped down for this item.
Jeff Talkers (Survey Company) presented as did Mike Macke
, developer. The main reasons for replats included better site distances and terrain issues. Houses were lined up better with the roadways and access had fewer slopes. Macke stated: “These lots are all sold.” They also moved three panhandle lots away from one of the golf greens for safety issues. Two private streets were created in this replat.
Jeff Hughes asked if he needed to abstain as he was a HVL POA member . McGill told him that it wasn’t necessary, as he wasn’t involved in any dispute or financial issues with Sugar Ridge personally.

No public comment.

De Maynadier motioned to approve the replat subject to the tech review recommendations and that it should come back for hearing if the tech review board disagreed on the Ava Drive request. Hall 2nd. All ayes. The board also approved the change of several driveway accesses on lots 24,25,29,30,164,150,14 with their own access and a shared access on 158-159.

McGill notified board of Schantz suit proceedings.
Rick Pope suggested to the board that questions and concerns on any application in their packet be forwarded to Travis ASAP so that the applicant can be notified to address those issues and speed up meeting times.
Feb 16th working meeting on cul-de-sacs is at 7PM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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