Monday, February 14, 2005

Permission to Speak

In reading through some of the recent data coming out of the Commissioners postings I'm struck dumbfounded by the requirement to give notice a week in advance for speaking privileges. What on earth gives them the power to suggest such broad limitations? How are we to know whether or not we would want to speak on a particular issue a week in advance. Doesn't it occur to even the most obtuse Commissioner that it is a public forum. Shouldn't that give us the right and privilege to speak as the occasion presents itself.

Let's look at this realistically folks, this is a measure of censure. It's a way of silencing the public. We do not know what will be said at any given meeting, therefore we have no idea if we should want to comment.

We could just give notice a week in advance for every meeting I suppose, but how practical is that? Then, according to herr Benning she requires us to register what we are going to comment about. Well, why not post, a week in advance, what is going to be said, Ms Benning.

This seems outrageous, especially when one considers that these commissioners are in their positions to represent we the constituents. It looks like they want to suppress us. The people they kowtow to are the developers and big contractors. Do they have the best interest of our communities in mind?

We need to apply pressure to the County to dismiss this illogical act of obstruction. We need to speak if we are to be a part of OUR community, this means without permission slips, word quotas or any other limitations. We are the people of this community, the driving force, and we care as much as anyone what our homestead is turning into!

Thom P Hammond, PSA

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