Thursday, August 25, 2005

Attention Taxpayers - 9 fold increase in tax valuation??

Attention Taxpayers, Parents and South Dearborn Faculty and Staff:

Please note South Dearborn’s Tax Hearing Monday, Aug. 29, 2005 at 7:30. This meeting will be at the administration building and public comments are allowed.

You will find the proposed budget and tax rates in the August 23 Journal Press. You will find the 2004 Annual Financial Report in the August 11 Dearborn County Register. Back issues of the paper can be purchased at Register Publication’s Office. It is important to carefully review these documents.

I am currently analyzing the budget and financial report. I am concerned that $141,341 was spent from the School Bus Replacement Fund while no buses were replaced. Additional concerns include no plans for replacing buses. Please note the high failure rate of the South Dearborn Fleet at the last bus inspection. Other transportation concerns include $391,696.84 of spending in excess of the approved budget in 2004, yet no significant increase in transportation funding proposed.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of these documents is the significant increases in estimated assessed valuation. The 2004 Documents show a 7.3 million-dollar increase from 2004-2005. The Capital Project Fund Plan shows a 12.3 million-dollar increase from 2005-2006, at $63.2 million dollar increase from 2006-2007, and a 13.0 million-dollar increase from 2007-2008. I believe these estimates are less than realistic.

I have heard no plans for any significant additions to the Industrial Base within South Dearborn’s Corporate boundaries. And, if the expected increase in valuation can be attributed to expected new housing, South Dearborn Schools will be beyond capacity and we will face the undesirable class sizes now plaguing Sunman-Dearborn Schools.

If you feel funding practices at South Dearborn do not adequately meet the needs of our students and community or the tax rates will be detrimental to our community, please voice your concerns at the budget hearing.


Karen Loveland

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