Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dearborn County Transportation Steering Committee's First Meeting

10 August 2005 Dearborn County Transportation Steering Committee Notes

The meeting was moved from the Tate St. Adult Center to the L-bg Firehouse due to paving at the Center. Representatives from many of the cities and towns as well as the county, OKI, INDOT, and a few citizens attended.

Travis Miller gave the background of the Transportation Plan and it’s relationship to the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization).

Bob Koehler from OKI outlined OKI’s role in the regional 2030 Plan and how it will help to obtain federal dollars and political support for projects, if we consolidate plans and gain public consensus.
He noted the public basically wants their roads to have three qualities: be smooth, be safe, and be congestion free.
OKI will not be mixing the three states as far as dollars go. It was noted that the timeline for the US 50 Corridor study indicates a finish date for the STUDY of spring 2007. [NOTE: They certainly are dragging their feet.]

Mark Seiler from the county highway dept. presented the draft version of the county Roadway Infrastructure Improvement Plan. He noted that the cost estimates for federal projects were more accurate that local ones.
The meeting was then opened to get comments and additions or deletions from that list.
Improvements to add included:
SR 1 at Belleview (where it meets Ridge in G-dale)
I-275 entrance ramp needing to be three full lanes (safety issues as cars jockey for position)
Kaiser Rd guardrail (already on list)
Spangler Rd.
Several bridges which are too narrow.
Woliung Road by Happy Hollow.
Consider NEW roads around Stateline and North Dearborn to divert traffic.
North Dearborn and the Dover area to McCann Road
White’s Hill
Schuman and Trojan Road- get real lights
Hyland, Kraus, and Ennis Roads.
Blister lanes and turn lanes on SR 1.
Convert Pribble Road access to SR-1 to a perpendicular alignment
SR 350 at South Dearborn.
Dearborn County needs a N-S highway. (or roadway- to get to Dillsboro)

Jim Ude from INDOT said they were looking at Belleview and Nowlin Road where the New Connector study terminates.

Anyone wishing to add comments or suggest areas needing improvements can send a DETAILED description of the type of improvement needed and road way to Mark Seiler at the county highway dept.

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 28 at 10 AM at the Greendale Firehouse on Ridge Avenue.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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