Monday, January 09, 2006

Dearborn County Regional Sewer District

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Board Members:
Mike Hankins, Bret Fehrmann, Pat Holland, Barry Pruss, Rodney Dennerline, Greg Volmer (late)

Doug Baer, Tom Quinn, Lisa Lehner (late), approximately a dozen in audience.

The meeting was held at the side table in the Commissioner’s Meeting room and parts of what was said were inaudible. This is a public meeting (by law) and efforts should be made to make it audible to the public. Current arrangement is rude to public trying to hear the proceedings. Where items are unclear ???? or ___ have been inserted.

Meeting Minutes:

Previous meeting notes (e-mailed to the members prior to the meeting) were approved.

Treasurer’s report:
Checking: ????
Lawrenceburg: ?????.42
Seed Money: 301,045.68 (?)
Treasurer’s report was approved.


Funding for Comprehensive Study

Woolpert is the selected firm for the comprehensive study at $200.000(?). Application to Lawrenceburg was accepted; but, as a loan instead of a grant. Will need interim funding. Will approach Council for funding. LL has already talked to Council. The application will need to be ready by Monday for the January 24, 2006 meeting. Approved for DB to put together request. RD & LL to schedule meeting with Lawrenceburg (to see about converting load to grant).

Engineering Report for Cole Lane & Stewart Street

Per T. Quinn, comments on plans for Stewart Street and Cole Lane have been received from IDEM. Need ________ Certificate from Engineer. IDEM wanted items in variance deleted from Certificate. The revised application is ready. Will have package ready by Friday or Monday. IDEM wants formalized calculations and several identifications on drawings revised.

Engineering Report Aurora Interceptor

Quinn has not taken any current action.

Letter of Understanding with VRUC:

Tabled at last meeting till February 15, 2006.

There was a meeting December 27, 2005 regarding the organization of VRUC and a new Board was elected. A letter was received from the new Board indicating the action of the meeting. MH didn’t know the actual status.

William Newcomb(?), former VRUC Board member and currently _____ Finance, indicated the new Board wasn’t valid and the subdivision (Sugar Pines) is still pending. The Commissioners (does he mean Plan Commissioners?) have to decide if it is to proceed. They (VRUC?) still want to work with DCRSD. They (VRUC?) have a new contract with Greendale (no contract per Jerry Jacobsen).

Mr. Bittner indicated the current VRUC Board Is still the duly elected Board and has the authority to sign contracts. The next authorized meeting is January 30, 2006. VRUC is still interested in proceeding with DCRSD.

DCRSD tabled, till issue is settled. VRUC status is unsure and they will wait until February.

Report on Non Voting Member Status for SDRSD:

LL has prepared a new amendment to SDRSD for non voting member status. SDRSD requested a letter to permit them to prepare ____. LL to attend Board meeting (second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 AM) LL suggested a DCRSD Board member should attend.

Board Reappointment:

G. Vollmer’s appointment is over January, 2006. DCRSD to make a request for reappointment to the Council. DB to draft a letter.



Claims were submitted and approved to pay. LL has submitted claims for 2,822.25. Under new Federal Law _____ have letter __ for debt collection. Claims approved.

Request by Town of Sunman to Address Board at Next Meeting:

A request was made by Sunman to appear at the January 19th meeting. The question was raised as to what they wanted. Speculation they wanted to contract services and territory. Can’t give them territory; but, can work with them. Added to Agenda for meeting.

Per Diem & Attendance Requirements:

LL indicated County has allocated funds for per diems, up to $50 per current Code. RD moved and BP seconded to institute per diems. RD, BP, GV, BF for; PH opposed, - approved.

Discussed attendance requirements. If a member is unable to attend for a long time, the Board should have the discretion to remove the member. First suggested to be the same as Health Board; but, they meet quarterly. Moved that if member missed four consecutive meetings, they could be removed. Approved. LL to amend the bylaws.

Other Items:

Randy Turner (Aurora) was present and was asked the status of Mr. Calvert’s sewer line. RT said can get in pretty quick depending on weather.

The issue of the line at 350 was discussed. The 6“ line belongs to Aurora and is the bottleneck at 350. Since it extends into DCRSD area, should DCRSD take over and rebuild? or be retained by Aurora (Some Aurora personnel were on vacation and the discussion was discontinued).

For Phase I, more testing was needed. Need to know the flow from DCRSD. Meeting next week with GRW. Aurora is doing a 10” pipe and DCRSD may want a 12”. A holding tank is not desirable. IDEM may require pretreatment. The problem is HS (hydrogen sulfide) in sewage over long distances. Have had problems with HS build ups. RT was asked if increased flow would help? Not sure. Tried dosing at Aurora Casket, Industrial Park and Dutch Hollow. Could not identify the path (source?) of the odor. No apparent pattern. Some houses had to have trap added to keep odor from venting into house (Note: per Plumbing Code residential systems should vent to exterior to prevent odors from entering residence. Is there something wrong with the plumbing?).

How long till it is known if big enough? Aurora is looking at non _______ down to the highway (350?). There is enough oxygen or ?? so that there isn’t a problem at the bottom of the hill. The problem is at the top of the hill at the termination of the force main. Probably need a sealed sewer all the way.

Per TQ $25 - $30 per foot for ___ 6” to 8”. They can’t shut down the current line for work and don’t want holding. Could pump around.

(Comprehensive) Study to take 6 to 9 months. Should be completed in 2006. Will have more information.

RD wanted to reopen discussion of line up State Route 1 to Guilford. Don’t know the current status of the Tom Kent project. Guilford is approximately 2 miles further. Problems in Guilford and along SR 1. Not enough level land for septic.

DB questioned LL re: status of countywide sewer district. LL indicated she has the Commissioners’ meeting notes and will attach them to the letter to IDEM. She needs to notify IDEM (Lynne Newlon); but, IDEM needs to take no action. DCRSD has done all that is needed. (Apparently the countywide status of the District has been put in place without notice to the public and with no chance for public discussion. The item was not on the Commissioners’ Agenda and no public notice was given and no chance for real public comment. )

The VRUC Board meeting will be January 30, 2006 at Agner(?) Hall. MH attended the 12/27/05 meeting at Willies (He allegedly owns a lot in HVL). Doesn’t think VRUC issues will be resolved soon.

Robert Hrezo(?):

Robert Hrezo introduced himself. He is a Dearborn County resident and a PE in the State of Indiana. He has been doing work in Dearborn County for 30 years. Will provide a detailed list of accomplishments for next meeting. He has worked with IDEM extensively. Would like to work with DCRSD.


Summer(?) (lady taking notes for meetings) availability will end next month and will need to be replaced. She was asked if she could recommend someone. No recommendations currently.

Meeting adjourned.

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