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20 July DCRSD Meeting Notes

20 July 2006 DCRSD Meeting Notes

Present: Brett Fehrman, Acting Chairman, Holland, Pruss, Dennerline, and Maxwell.
ABSENT: Hankins and Enzweiler
Also Present: Quinn, Engineer, Baer, Health Dept, and Messmore, Administrator
Also Absent: Lehner, Attorney

In audience: In addition to people mentioned in Special requests, Jerry Jacobsen (from SDRSD) and Kathy Jacobsen, Jim West (DCEDI), Mark Mitter (Council), and Vera Benning (Commissioner)

Special requests:
Beth O’Leary of Serenity Ridge presented data on lot owners desiring sewer hook-ups now or for in the future. 13 out of 19 responded. 2 of the 13 were opposed. Several of the others had already installed septic tanks, but would be interested in future sewer option. She spoke to Jim Stotts who also owns a lot up there (he “developed” the subdivision) and he wants sewer too. Jay Tucker told her it could be done for about $100,000. Quinn to check it out and report to board.

Jeff Costello wants hook-up for potentially 2 homes on Lower Disllboro Road about 500 ft from where the Stewart St. line will come out. There is a 2 “ lateral that Chipman installed a whle ago and they are considering recertifying that as a main. Waiting till next year to consider this.

Greendale Agreement- no mention of attorney work getting the agreements drawn up- but Baer had put descriptions of 3 of the 4 areas in their packets. Ameritk was missing- possibly due to it not being approved yet.

Stewart Street and Cole Lane- Turner of Aurora wants to bid on the project also- board saw no problem with that. Maxwell concerned that it wasn’t PRUDENT to proceed with this until we have an agreement to transport and treat from Aurora. Why put lines in the ground if we don’t have that done first? He would be uncomfortable if we didn’t have an agreement in principle. [NOTE: Why not be safe and just have one in writing?] Expecting to open bids in August and complete construction this year. Fehrman told Maxwell the agreement was in discussion stage and Kim Schmaltz to get it to us. $30 per month rates were average home costs. Maxwell noted that if we are at 150% of the rate then transport and treatment costs were figured in from the end of our pipes.

Aurora Interceptor- Quinn reported that they plan a 10inch force main on NORTH side of the road by Marsh Road. They can bring in High Ridge and other development that way. Takes 6 months to complete and $2 million. Bob could construct and get High Ridge starting July 07 hopefully. [NOTE: Bob who?]
Apparently the roadside in that area is all rock per Dennerline who had constructed a 6 inch line there in 1976.

Woolpert Update- Messmore responded to Maxwell’s question about Dillsboro options saying that Woolpert will have some answers – costs/benefits analysis of that option for some of the county lines. That will be in the phase due around Labor Day. Woolpert is using a red=ndition of the Comp Plan land Use maps to do 5-20 year cost projections.
Pruss said GRW said it wasn’t feasible to do Dillsboro.
Maxwell- saw a map with a lot of sewage going to Dillsboro- but no explanation of that yet.
Dennerline- Dillsboro wanted a1 mile buffer in earlier negotiations and then said no- too much cost. Said it would be $2.4 million to go around to Dillsboro and enter where they wanted us by SEIdata. Some people have $150/mo sewer bills there. [NOTE: Wouldn’t an economy of scale work here? The more people coming in- the lower the rates and all would benefit?]
Maxwell said we need Woolpert reposrt before we proceed with Quinn. Messmore said Quinn can provide some documents that Woolpert is needing.
Maxwell asked who would meet with LMH- Answer: Quinn
Maxwell asked for an example transport fee from Woolpert and Messmore said they can’t do it accurately until they get underground data costs.
Wanted some standardized number to estimate with. Jacobson ( from SDRSD) told them each municipality was different depending on their lifts, pumps etc, where transport was occurring.

Claims were paid for Lehner and Quinn
Baer noted attendance at Ind Reg sewer District Conference also.

Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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