Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Plan Commission and Tom Kent Did Their Homework

A word about the Planning Commission meeting on June 26th

submitted by Kathy Scott, Logan Township

I was present at this meeting to hear Mr. Kent, present his plans for development on SR1, Salt Fork and Cambridge. I want to commend Mr. Kent for the very professional manner in which he made his presentation.

When members in the audience made their feelings known about this development, both positive and negative, Mr. Kent took the initiative to explain and answer their concerns. When addressing the Comprehensive Plan, he offered details to explain how he had worked to meet the 5 Guiding Principals of the plan. This was not the general conversation that we have heard from previous developers.

The interaction of the Planning Board with Mr. Kent was also noticable. The board members had specific questions (they did their homework) of Mr. Kent and the two way conversation was open and cleared up many concerns.

I felt that the reduction in the number of lots to 65, would maintain the integrety of the surrounding contour and greenspace of the area. This is responsible development. Mr. Kent and associate make profit, the surrounding community is less stressed, the area stays green and the county gains a high end neighborhood.

What I saw this night was, a developer, government, and citizens working together to Conserve as the Comprehensive Plan states: "The distinctive natural and man-made features and resources that contribute to the rural chacter of the Dearborn County".

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