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19 September 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

19 September 2006 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, and Fox
Also present: Ewbank, Attorney and Stephanie Disbro, taking minutes.
Absent Benning, Pickens, Auditor, and Messmore, Administrator.

Also present was Frank Linkmeyer, Democrat candidate for D-3 Commissioner, seated with Tom Kent, developer of Perfect View subdivision on the agenda for a zone change. (see number 3)

1. Todd Listerman – Transportation Director- Gave an update on the seemingly endless problems with the underground storage tanks at the county garage. IDEM requires more testing of the soils and so they need to request another $14,000 from council from the MVH fund to add to the $4,000 available to cover these costs. Commissioners approved going to Council.
600 ft of fence will be installed at county expense from the bridge match funds for Triple Whipple. Fence is to separate ROW and Lighthouse Yacht Club.

2. Candy Turcak- Whitwater Canal Scenic Byway- explained the 100 mile walk alongteh old canal trail over 8 days. Final stage will be at Verastau at 10 AM Oct 2 with a brunch and press conference. Letter to be signed in support was tabled till Oct 3 meeting so Benning could see it also. They plan to raise $200,000 to match grants to purchase the land needed for the park etc.

3. Public Hearing on Perfect View and redone written commitments was presented by Mark McCormack, Planning Director. Kent had nothing to add.
“Seeing no opposition,” Fox motioned to approve the zone change with the commitments citing the 5 criteria with no comment on any of them specifically. Hughes 2nd. Motion passed.

4. Text amendments were presented for zoning and subdivision ordinances. All 3 were passed. One was on withdrawal procedures clarifications, the 2nd on surveyor certification requirements and parcel numbers, and the last was on ROW dedications and certificates for article 7 of the subdivision control ordinance.

McCormack also updated Commissioners with all paperwork of research on Jenny Lynn access to Stateline so far. He is still going to review tapes of meetings to further clarify issues. Fox asked about tapes and noted that if the developer agreed on tape perhaps we could hold him to that. They are also going to seek McGill’s legal opinion.

5. Vacation earning Schedule was passed out and tabled.

6. Ewbank brought up the NIMS letter, which was signed after explanation from Bill Black. NIMS compliance and training is to be completed by Sept 30 for Homeland security and disaster preparation.

7. Hughes and Fox authorized each other to sign off on the paperwork that County Farm Board brings in periodically.

Meeting adjourned 7:25 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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