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7 September 2006 DCRSD Meeting Notes

7 September 2006 Dearborn County Regional Sewer District Meeting

Hankins, Chairman, Holland, Pruss, Fehrman, Dennerline, and Enzweiler.
ABSENT: John Maxwell [NOTE: DCRSD Bylaws were reset after Council did not reappoint Volmer for lack of attendance issues. Six absences in a year can result in termination of that board member]Also present: Kramer, attorney, Quinn, Engineer, and Benning- status unknown.
Also absent: Doug Baer and Bryan Messmore, administrator and liaison with Woolpert.

Pat Hanlon, former sewer board member, addressed the board regarding other options for small treatment plants to address issues in the county where lines will not be run for extended periods of time, if ever.
Hanlon referenced Coolsville OH as an example of using septic tanks as pretreatment for pressurized sewer systems instead of grinder pumps. Net savings was about $60 per month in homeowner costs. Basically the effluent from the septic tank is what was treated and tanks still had to be pumped every 3-5 years. Recirculating filters are also used.
Board took information in- no decision.

Quinn presented Aurora’s sewer fees and connection costs to the board. Average bill $33 per mo for 4000 gal of usage. Connection fee was $2,030, when it used to be $500-750. Kramer has the 3 easements needed on Cole lane. Board tabled giving order to proceed on construction until they consult with Aurora again. [NOTE: This project seems to be on hold for a lot longer than expected.]

There was some discussion still going on with Dillsboro and Scott Fortner about sending sewage to them. Using GRW estimates Quinn and board decided their numbers were too low. Pipe costs of $400,000 in GRW and they think $4.5 million more accurate (that’s 10 x)

Board noted there seemed to be multiple roadblocks to regionalization.

Board voted to pay the office setup fees for the basement office.
Board voted to hold on the attorney fees submitted by Lehner since June 28th her termination date. Board noted some fees were as old as February and were showing up now.Pruss mentioned they were “broke.” $14,000 in checking account.

New phone number for sewer board is 537-1040 Ext 1255 per Hankins.

Hankins said he was asked to serve on master plan by Nark McCormack and noted Holland and Fehrman also serve. He will miss some meetings and is counting on them to keep him in the loop.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

After the meeting I asked about the Woolpert study that was to be out at this meeting. Woolpert presented it to them today and they sent it back for more work- territory lines needing to be checked etc. They want to keep this under wraps until finished. I stressed that the land use map portion of the master plan starts Sept 20 and it would be better for them to have this considered alongside that. If not the maps will be done and they may need to revise their recommendations. Considering the lack of public involvement in this study, it may be better to have the public master plan work take precedence. Whatever work is in this draft with maps etc., public money paid for it and it should be public record. In my experience public viewing and comments often make for better plans.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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