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22 January 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

22 January 2007 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: De Maynadier, Hall, Thompson, Laws, and Kraus, Jr.
Absent: Nelson, Feiss, and Held.
Council has not appointed a member yet to replace Mitter.

Meeting began 20 minutes late waiting to see if Nelson would be coming.

In reorganization the board elected:
Mike Hall- Chairman.
Patrick De Maynadier- Vice Chairman
Mark McCormack- Secretary
Arnie McGill- Attorney
BZA Citizen Member is Mike Hall

Both Mariah Park applications were tabled again at the request of the applicant, when they were asked by Hall if they wanted to continue or not knowing it would require a vote of all ayes from all 5 members present to pass tonight. It will be heard at Feb 26th meeting.

Mark McCormack is getting copies of Vieste report to members from digital copy that Ralph Thompson provided to him. McCormack gave a brief overview of the NW Quadrant portion as it related to Planning and when asked informed the PC that this was not discussed with staff as to how they were going to accomplish the overlay or whatever they planned for the quadrant. McCormack noted the aggressive timeline, which he said is shorter than the land use mapping plans. He invited members if interested to attend the weekly Vieste Wed afternoon working sessions that start at 4 PM.

When asked about how this quadrant came to be outlined, McCormack said that it wasn’t through staff. He noted there were general areas like this talked about when Travis was here and also through the master plan- but not anything this defined. He and Mitter had tried to get Robertson and Vieste to present at a couple Advisory Board meetings or at the St. Leon Public Meeting on the Master Plan draft so far. Vieste said they weren’t ready.
Hall asked Mitter if the county council was going to fund an incomplete plan. Mitter said they had a lot of questions.

Next Advisory Board Meeting for the Master Plan is Jan 31st at 7 PM in Adm Building. As always the public is welcome to come, observe, and submit written comments. They may be combining some working tables groups to get better discussion of the 20-30 members who routinely show up out of the 60 selected. The PC wanted to be sure there was still a good cross section of county interests and areas represented.

Tues. will be the interviews for the 6 finalists for the Planner position. 34 applied.

Annual newsletter will be completed soon.

Nick Held left info for new members to attend a workshop through County Extension.

McCormack is pursuing the land categories to be set up for the zone code book. OKI - Bill Miller- is working with him on fiscal impact models, as is the county extension office.

Earl Dawson reported that St. Leon is looking at a 2-mile buffer around their town and wanting to be able to control zoning in that area. A map had been given to Kraus Jr. that showed about a mile outside St. Leon including the TIF area. IN Code 36-7-4-205 outlines procedure for this and it follows rules similar to zone changes with PC hearings and Commissioner approvals. Greendale and Dillsboro are running into similar situations around their towns and with planning issues with infrastructure.
Dillsboro invited the PC to a meeting the 2nd week of Feb on this. Hall will get info to the board.

Meeting adjourned 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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