Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Campaign finance forms were due in mid January. Several office holders- particularly those who lost their bid for election or re-election did not have folders or forms on file.
Some who did not file had $0 on their last forms in April or October, but this does not fulfill the requirements of the election law. If candidates fail to file a form checking the box that this is a final form closing out their file, they have to continually file annual reports. Judge Humphrey is the only officeholder whose large file of annual reports indicates he seems aware of this “rule.”

Vera Benning- no folder in the files produced
Bob Bischoff- not in file
Sally Blankenship- Final report files 1-17-07
Linda Estes- No folder in the file.
Gary Hensley- No final or annual report on file – last filed Oct 2006
James Humphrey- Annual report filed 1-16-07
Barb Kaffenberger- no annual report- last filed Oct 2006
Dennis Kraus, Sr.- annual report filed 12/28/2006
Dan Lansing- annual report filed 12/12/06

Frank Linkmeyer- final report filed 1-17-07 showing income of $10,236 and expenses of $14,326.91 for main election.
From Oct 31-Nov 8, 2006 - 5 checks were received by Linkmeyer’s campaign for commissioner D-3:
London Witte Group- $500
Level 5 Engineering- $500
PSA Dewberry Engineering - $500
Jungclaus Campbell- $500

IBEW Electrical - $250
[NOTE: The first four contributors are all affiliated with or working with Vieste – the company producing the County Capital Financial Plan that includes the NW Quadrant Economic Development Plan.]

Dave Lusby- Final filed 1-17-07 and paid off debt to himself.
Liz Morris- annual report filed with $22.91 cash and $2000 debt.
Aaron Negangard- annual report filed with $1790.80 cash on hand.
Johnny Nugent- not in file
Cary Pickens- Final report filed with only $100 paid to Bright Beacon listed.
Joan Seitz- no annual or final report- last one filed October 2006.
Ralph Thompson- Final report filed 12/29/06 showing $10,954.98 total income and total expenses for both primary and main election. $0 balance.
Bill Ullrich- annual filed 1-16-06 showing debt $7625.85 debt.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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