Thursday, May 17, 2007


How much land is available for residential construction in unincorporated Dearborn County?
Open Lots in Dearborn County- Data researched and provided to Master Plan Advisory Board by the Planning Office Staff:

Subdivision Name ./Total Number of Lots /Number of Lots Available

Bear Tree Subdivision /9 /Built out
Block Hollow/9 /5

Briarwood Estates /92/ 34
Brightwood Estates/ 114/ 9

Brookstone Way /114/ 104
Carlee Acres/ 10/ 4

Cedar Ridge/ 18/ 12
Chapel Thorne Estates/ 21/ 20

Colonial Acres/ 103/ Built out
East Dearborn Heights /19/ 14

Eden Garden Estates /16/ 7
Goldenrod Acres /17/ 7

Happy Hollow Estates /19/ 3
Harley Springs/ 87/ 18

Hidden Valley Lake/ 3109 /1398
High Ridge Estates /108 /61

Hill Springs Acres /18/10
Indian Ridge Estates/ 85/ 58

Long Branch Ridge /15/ 9
Manchester Farms /11/ 8

Miller Ridge Estates /9 /5
Mountain Meadows /167/ 29

Old Orchard Hill /105/ 46
Park Place Estates /78/ 25

Picnic Woods /281/ 25
Rocky Mountain Estates /129/ 44

Rookwood Estates /39/ 29
Seldom Seen Estates /109 /3

Shangri-La /232/ 197
Skeen’s Lands/ 11/ 6

Somerset/ 12/ Built out
Villages of Sugar Ridge /315units/ 203

West Miller Addition /14/ 2
Wildfire Estates/ 9/ 8

Woods Edge /15/ 10
*Lake Dilldear /204/ Built out?

**Harvest Ridge /198with44S /179with25 available in section 1
**Hidden Acres /295/ in for 2ndary approval

**Lawrenceville Farms/ 20/ Section 3 in for 9 lots
**Morgan’s Ridge Estates /190/ in for 2ndary approval

**Stonebrook Estates /122 /2ndary approval ready to expire
**Whitewater Pointe /136/ in for 2ndary approval

*Denotes open lots or units that must be combined for the purposes of building 1 house.
**Denotes subdivisions that have been approved on a preliminary basis, but have not yet completed the legal process to sell/transfer land.
This report does NOT include minor subdivisions or certified survey “open” lots nor does it include an estimate for the incorporated areas. These figures do NOT reflect lots that have been combined to accommodate improvements that are situated on platted property lines.

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Ralph Thompson said...

Note these are potential lots available, not lots currently for sale.

The wide variance of numbers is due to lot sizes, some lots being unbuildable and some cases where more than one lot has been purchased for a single address.