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September 24, 2007

Mr. Mark McCormack
215B West High Street Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

Dear Mark:

The Dearborn County Development Council has reviewed the Draft of the Future Land Use Element of the comprehensive plan. We feel the alternates shown do not address future economic development of Dearbom County.

It is paramount that Dearborn County address economic growth. This County cannot accept this element as a normal condition. DCHBA encourages a re-evaluation of the commercial and industrial component of these maps.

Thanks for your time.


Dearborn County Development Council
Dearborn County Home Builders Association


Anonymous said...

Yadda...yadda...yadda...let us buy up cheap land then let us rezone into more "valuable" land!

It screws the original landowners...but who cares...we are only interested in Development Interests profiting...

...everyone else is just collateral damage!

Anonymous said...

You need to get it through your thick head. This is not about the Development Interest. This is about economic development for the county. A good source of tax base to help the rising prices of property taxes.

It wouldn't matter if there weren't any more houses built in this county, property taxes are still going to go up if we do not find businesses for our tax base.

Anonymous said...

Then let there be "economic development" that does not end up costing the taxpayer more in infrastructure costs than received through any tax revenues from such development.

So get this through your "thick head," if development only leads to lining the pockets of a "few" realtor/developers/etc...

...that does not help the community at large...


...if with such infrastructure costs there will be those "forced" to hook-up to sewers to further subsidize such "negative" tax revenue development!

What increases your savings, may not be what is in the best interest of the rest of us!

Look outside your needs and look to the costs to your neighbors, to finance your financial interests!

Try to get past your selfish myopia!

Anonymous said...

Try to get past your selfish myopia!

These spoiled children think the rest of us owe them their profits!

Anonymous said...

increasing the tax base with businesses....that comment is funny. Really funny. It sounds like you have been listening to "the experts". Have you heard of tax abatements? Look that term up and let's have a discussion. You obviusly think bringing in a company that will employ a whopping 35 people will help me on my taxes. Who are you snowed over by?

Anonymous said...

I don't think all we need is a business that will only employee 35 people. I believe this county needs many different sized businesses that will employee anywhere from 35 to 300 people or many even more. But a business that will employee that many people will want a good location for transportation which is along the I-74 corridor. Also if industrial is along that corridor it will keep truck traffic off our county roads.

I know about tax abatements. Thats why we need areas for economic development in area other than the TIFF districts.

Anonymous said...

The I-74 corridor is still workable, but West, the DCEDI and its remnants need to go!

No one has confidence in West or the DCEDI!

West is nothing but a lobbyist for a handful of development interests in this County, dressed up like a public servant!

Anonymous said...

"Also if industrial is along that corridor it will keep truck traffic off our county roads."

That is hilarious. How do you expect the trucks for industrial development will get to "the Quadrant". There is no access except county rounds. You are a fool to believe if Dearborn County develops the "quadrant" that the state will jump on the band wagon and provide an interchange for I74. You are snowed over completely in a blizzard. Just go away with all of your rhetoric and actually think about what you are saying instead of thinking...I have an Idea and let's go with it. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

We need to raise all our taxes to pay for all the infrastructure for the development that will lower our taxes!

We need to go into tens of thousands of dollars of debt to help pay for the sewers for development that will lower our taxes a couple of dollars!

And a "round and round" we go, only to end up with a handful of developers raking in the dough!

Anonymous said...

"...that will lower our taxes a couple of dollars!"

Nothing! Absolutely nothing these bozos are planning will lower our taxes one dime!

Their goal is not about lowering our taxes...their goal is all about coercing the taxpayer into insuring their profits!

This is nothing but a push to subsidize a few "movers and shakers" in the County!


Anonymous said...

46 is a state road. right to/thru the NW Quad.

But you're all right, forget this commercial/industrial development. Who needs it? But then that just leaves us residential, so let's saddle up some more subdivisions.

Anonymous said...

"...so let's saddle up some more subdivisions."

Until the mortgage market rebounds, in five or so years, we will not be seeing much development at all.

Unless and of course, a few of our more deviate realtor/developers hatch more ways to get the rest of us to subsidize their projects.

I’m sure the DCRSD is still working behind the scenes to force hook-ups to subsidize the costs of a few developers’ sewers.

But the next few elections will neuter the wayward DCRSD's Board.

Anonymous said...

"Who needs it?"

Well a few developers "need it" bad enough for them to try to take over local politics and consider any and all schemes to get the taxpayer to finance their developments!

When the times get tough, the "semi-tough" developers go right for our wallets!