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15 December 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

15 December 2008 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Hall, Chairman, Thompson, Nelson, Lehman, Beiersdorfer, Lansing, Kraus, Jr., Hornbach, and Laws.

Also present: McCormack, Plan Director, and McGill, Attorney.


Primary approval for an additional 8 units in the Picnic Lawn Complex for Owner Picnic Lawn Apartments ( Jerry Tucker) and presented by surveyor, Jeff Stenger. Site Location- Jamison Road Miller Township. Currently zoned R and this area is 3.233 acres.

Two members of the public (Angie Braun and Jerry Osmond) spoke regarding drainage issues they have as adjoiners to the complex.

The detention/retention ponds are set to maintain the flow at current rates so their problems won’t get worse, per Stenger. If they can improve the issues by excavation, they will. Tucker asked Stenger to define the differences between retention and detention. Stenger said detention ponds are dry except while handing rain, etc and retention ponds have water in them. [NOTE: At this part of the meeting the PC allowed an informal interchange between public and applicant- rather than the usual method of addressing all issues to the PC and then they ask applicant to answer them after public is finished. There were times the applicant was answering from their seats and not at the microphone.]

PC noted that the application had two less units, the traffic counts fell within acceptable limits, the parking spaces were reduced from 34 to 21 (only 12 required, but they are addressing deficiencies in the complex and making sure spaces are within 300 ft of the apt.), the unit configurations were drawn with storage capacities on the detention facilities both existing and proposed, and general landscaping will match the plantings in existence.

Kraus, Jr. motioned and Beiersdorfer seconded to grant primary approval for the new apartments holding this to 6 units and no more, with the landscaping to be done as submitted per schedule. All ayes.

NEW BUSINESS: Changes to the ordinances:

Digital submissions text added to ordinances in Article 2 Sections 216, 232, 244, and 260 were unanimously passed as FAVORABLE recommendations.

Plat requirements for section 244 and 260 were TABLED to fix some language in section 22b.

Vacation procedures were unanimously passed with FAVORABLE recommendation.

Plat certificates were passed with FAVORABLE recommendations.


1. 2009 schedule was approved.

2. Bond reports will be emailed to members- no material changes this month- though several are sue in January. Elvin Miller has numerous old ones that probably won’t get renewed.

3. Nelson advised the board and staff to look at how they will handle issues with insurance companies UNABLE to re-bond due to economic issues.

4. Lawrenceville property owners are mainly in favor of replat- but a couple more are needed to proceed.

5. OKI fiscal impact model will be testable in January. [NOTE: Bill Miller, our long-time liaison from OKI has resigned and taken another position this month.]

6. McCormack and the board thanked Bob Laws for his years of service. Laws has resigned and will not seek another 4- year appointment. [NOTE: Laws serves as a DEMOCRAT on this board.]

7. There is no progress on Sugar Ridge.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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