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15 December 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

15 December 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

This was the last meeting of 2008 and the final meeting for Fox, who was not re-elected, Messmore, who was notified that he probably wouldn’t be reappointed in 2009 and apparently, Ewbank, as noted in the comments from presenters below.

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox , and Thompson.

Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator.

Commissioner-elect Tom Orschell was present also.

1. Med Ben appeal discussed in an executive session preceding this meeting, was TABELD for further investigation during the open meeting.

2. Bid proposals for inmate food will be opened by sheriff with a witness at his offices.

3. Mike Rozow- Chamber of Commerce- thanked Rick, Bob, and Bryan and said like Economic development- some people love you and some hate you- but he thought it was a unique and positive time. He also said it was awesome that people like Ralph, Jeff, and Tom run for office.
Rozow went on to discuss Argosy for the over 21 and PNS for family fun as 2 entertainment venues in the county. The CVRB wanted to find ways to make us stand out from the crowd- they decided that women make most of the travel decisions so they focused on that with Tour for the Cure (Breast CA) Girlfriend Getaways, where they have group tours to places like McCabe’s to make flower arrangements and painting classes etc. CVTB also caters to those who take care of themselves- healthwise- as being upscale groups who would spend more , with Dearborn Trails. Thompson noted that in INDY some RED HAT ladies had complimented the county after their trip to our area.

Rozow noted he wears 4 different hats, with the chamber, Redevelopment Commission, CVTB, and DCEDI.

He said that for DCEDI- they are taking away the “pay to play” part of the board of directors and getting intellectual capital by nominating people to that board. This will make DCEDI more transparent and will help with communications. He noted West Harrison area is most shovel ready and the best sales people we have are those who live and work in the county. Commissioners want them to get Lawrenceburg on board again. Rozow professed huge respect for Cunningham and all they do.


He demurred when praised for his work, saying that it really was a bunch of people working together and also noted the addition of the DC Foundation in their building.

Commissioners signed the administrative contract with the Chamber.

4. Negangard, McCarty (SIRPC) and Sarah ? from Child Advocacy Center got signatures for their reapplication of their grant. Negangard noted a legal technicality in the original got it turned down- so they are re-doing it for March 2009 consideration.

5. Commissioners signed the software maintenance contract for the judge’s computers with the assurance that it was coming from the judge’s budgets.

6. Todd Listerman- Highway Dept- gave a 35 minute report:

1. County Council gave them the OK for 1 full time and 1 part time out of 3 open positions. There were 44 applicants and the full time was replaced by Randy Solar from the bridge dept. They will now seek someone to fill Randy’s spot.

2. Change order on Chesterville Bridge for 4.5 cubic yards of concrete signed for $362.75.

3. Over-run on inspection costs for Chesterville Bridge of $5,000 was approved after discussion and pointed questions from Fox on how that had occurred when they had bid it as a not-to-exceed $60,000. Listerman noted this overrun put it at 8% of costs and normally they allow 12% so they are still under accepted amounts.

4. Change order on the Triple Whipple (covered in budget) for 139 ft of facing blocks to cut and relay stone on in vents was approved at $13,900.

5. Collier Ridge Contract Development and Design was given to Barth and Associates for $17,000. The plan is to fix it in place with caissons and HC Nutting designed slip repair. Contract to be let in March- start when school gets out and finish before school starts again. Commissioners decided to WAIT to award inspection contract on this till after bids are in. Listerman wants Barth and Associates for that also. [NOTE: Barth seems to have the inside track on all this- even though bids are not necessary for these amounts of money, it might be wise to introduce some competition and get quotes from other firms as well – to keep prices low.]

6. Stone gravel aggregate bids were all accepted: Newpoint Stone, Hanson Aggregates, and Harrison Sand and Gravel.

7. Asphalt bids were both accepted for O’Mara and Paul H Rohe Co.

8. FEMA rates for Hurricane cleanup and for snowstorm cleanup are not acceptable to private contractors. FEMA said Listerman has to have an official formal schedule if he wants higher pay on these things. These are only used in emergencies when more manpower is needed. The 5 companies responding with their fees that were accepted by commissioners were: Links Fencing- Steve Linkmeyer, Gehring Group- Tom Gehring, Mike White Construction, Wilson Landscaping, and Hafner Landscaping.

9. Bittner Road cul de sac was signed already per last meeting.

10. Listerman said he appreciated working with Rick, Bob, and Bryan the past 4 years.

7. Pickens got claims signed, and is still researching the one from last meeting. Hughes wouldn’t approve the minutes on the last meeting until it reflected what he intended regarding Thompson’s actions on the Animal Shelter. Those were tabled for correction. [NOTE: Hughes should just ask for a verbatim transcript of that section. Perhaps he should have done his duties as head of Commissioners in the first place, rather than shifting the “tough work” to someone else. The redundancy of the actions he says were expected from Thompson seems ludicrous. Fox, who sits on Animal Control Board, even noted last meeting that Thompson had done what the Animal Control Board had all decided. ]

8. Messmore- NOTHING.

9. Ewbank- - It’s been a pleasure representing the county, you’ve been extremely good clients. Hughes said- “You’ve been an exemplary attorney.”

10. Thompson- thanked the commissioners and all county employees who have served. They deserve our praise and thanks.

11. Fox- It’s been fun. I think we left things better than we found them. I’ve enjoyed sitting here with Ralph, even though we differ on opinions at times. I think the meetings are well run and Bryan- it’s been good- Bob too.

12. Hughes- I have an issue with a manufacturing facility in Jackson Township. I’d love to see manufacturing up there, but we all have to play by the same rules. This company is American Farm Products- advertising premium straw blankets direct from the manufacturer. Mark Hall owns it. Fox said he’s had neighbors complain about this too, but didn’t want to get into it because…

Commissioners voted to have Thompson take this to the Plan Commission. [NOTE: So the last action Fox and Hughes want to take together is to harass a small agricultural business owner in the county. And we wonder how we can create a business friendly environment here! Didn’t these guys – these former farmers- ever read the Ag zone code section 910?: Section 910 The following services are permitted by right on land zoned agricultural in Dearborn County: Section #9 Agricultural activities including grist milling services, corn shelling, hay-baling, threshing, contract sorting, grading and packaging services, and other agricultural processing services.
OR- is this just some lame attempt at political payback because Mark Hall was the head of Citizens For Dearborn County a PAC that did not support the re-election of either Fox or Hughes?]

13. Hughes then thanked Bryan Messmore- saying he was excellent and went above and beyond what he was asked to do. [ NOTE: See #8 above.] Healso told Ewbank he was an excellent attorney.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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Sounds like Jeff really has an “issue” with Mark Hall’s political views. If he is guilty of anything it’s shedding light on how corrupt Dearborn County has become.

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