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16 June 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

16 June 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes

Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay, Attorney. [NOTE: Jack Gay thanked the Commissioners at the end of this meeting as Witte is returning in July and Gay said serving the people of Dearborn County has been an honor, privilege, and an education. Commissioners expressed their gratitude to him as well.]

An executive session preceded this meeting. At the regular meeting, the commissioners approved a change in the wording of the health care policy on appliance replacement to new appliances 5 years old or older and repairs not to exceed 75% of replacement.

Commissioners gave Thompson the latitude to solve the personnel problem with Animal Control by Friday.


Bond Commission president and DCRSD Sewer line for SR 52 remain tabled.


Mark Seiler (for Highway Dept) brought in the signature page for ITS in I-275 and cover drawings. Commissioners approved and signed.

Margaret Minzner received grant signature ratification for a grant request to go to the DC Foundation. The grant is to get GIS Data compressed and onto the 34 laptops of the first responders laptops, that were furnished by Homeland Security.

Mike Hall presented 3 contracts for Infrasource, Linkmeyer, LLC, and O’Mara for the intersection work by Walmart and Aurora Lumber to accommodate new business there and provide safer access. This is Phase 1 of the back road to the businesses on the riverside of US 50. Commissioners stressed that the EXISTING businesses were not to be harmed and were on board with the plans now. Commissioners praised Mike Hall for all his work negotiating the businesses’ cooperation.

Jeremy Shepherd was not present for the FIT FOR LIFE CAMP Information.

Thompson introduced the next two items regarding website design and said that he’d heard complaints about the current site needing updates etc.

Jeff Zoller presented website improvements for FX Design. Zoller noted his company had managed the site for the county for 12 years, when it started as a state funded grant. His company is a full service graphics design company registered as a minority and woman owned business. His wife Tamara is listed as the owner.
He has introduced Joomla as the webpage design tool for each department and demonstrated it with the health Dept site. He plans to redesign the front page with buttons including those to the Chamber and Visitors Bureau. The plan is to have trained staff in each dept who can add to their own pages. Each dept gets 4-5 pages. More can be added for different cost. This then becomes primarily updated by the county staff.
The site is free of political or other ads. He plans to do less than before, but do it well. Cost to the county is about $500 per year for hosting the website and maintenance of Joomla.

Steve Pope presented for Epop Studio. They have existed since 2001 and 15 years prior to that in an ad agency. Most of their work is web design vs about 30% print. He prefers a custom database where data is pulled to the site rather that buttons which take you off site. He also likes a uniform look to all pages. Epop has designed Perfect North Slopes, CVTB, DCEDI, Florence Freedom, Big 10 Conference, Creation Museum, Greendale Cinemas, etc. When asked about our current site he had told commissioners to “blow it up and start over.” He prefers one click navigation and no scrolling. Pope feels that Joomla allows too much freedom to change fonts and colors and the site may have too many different styles. He wants to keep it consistent throughout.

Commissioners took all information on the websites under advisement.

Pickens- presented claims and minutes that were approved and signed.

Jack Gay – Attorney- see above note at the top.

Tom Orschell- relayed the information that Phil Weaver is looking for file cabinets and storage.

There was no Public Comment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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