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2 June 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

2 June 2009 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Thompson, President, Orschell, and Hughes
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Gay, Attorney

After the executive session the Commissioners decided to amend the county health policy to include children in home school situations.

They tabled the purchase of a “replacement appliance” for an employee for further research.


Bond Commission president and DCRSD Sewer Line for US 52 project both remain tabled


Kevin Gick- introduced himself as the new Bright Fire Chief. He talked abl=out the many challenges on his plate and his need for support and guidance from the county. He said he had given a previous talk to his dept. about goals and his guiding principles. He is trying to unify members and rebuild trust and confidence in the community. He wants to learn the community expectations and needs volunteers and sources of funding. His goal is to see how to best serve with the available resources- both money and volunteers. Gick plans to run the dept like a business in a way that benefits the dept and community – not just an individual. He wants decisions based on facts and data- not emotion. He sees about $150,000 in his operating budget with expenses nearly twice that and hopes the festival will help raise that. He has an open door and is willing to share the books showing how money is spent to anyone who asks. Volunteers are their most important resource and he is NOT pursuing the Fire District. All 3 commissioners expressed a willingness to help out. Gick said he has an article in their local paper- the Bright Beacon and needs to understand what his “customers” want. He plans to refurbish equipment to help keep budget in line. Thompson also indicated that they may be able to find a more universal solution to a problem that all depts. are facing.

Ken Griffin- introduced himself as the head of District 9 for the State Dept of Health- comprised of 12 counties. He works along with Doug Baer as well.

Hughes presented the condition of Jewett Drive complaint – and Todd Listerman stated that the 400 ft in bad repair is in the town limits of Dillsboro- they county section at the end is holding up well. Listerman had notified Scott Fortner – Dillsboro town manager – who told him they’d get to it when funds were available.

Ginny Daum- introduced herself as a 3- year Bright Resident and nurse licensed in Ohio. She spoke at length on volunteering for Emergency Preparedness and the deficiencies she saw in our system. She thinks we need to think without state lines to be prepared on that side of the county. She started to talk about the POD for disasters and Ken Griffin got up and stated that this site was not public due to Homeland Security issues. She commented regarding the certification of Indiana EMTs and our inability to push drugs in the field. Thompson told her that by law- if the commissioners and the state both declare a disaster then state licenses are waived. She asked the commissioners to consider her to volunteer to fill in the role vacated by Terry Miller when his grant ran out. No decision made.

Chris McHenry- called the Commissioners’ attention to the records lost in the Madison Courthouse fire. Pickens stated that the recorders were digitized and stored offsite in Utah and Texas. Clerks office began digitizing in Feb. Chris McHenry volunteered to be on a committee to be certain records are copied and protected. She also referenced John Newmann (sp?) , a former resident of Franklin County who plans to return there from Indy and a good consultant, since he helped with Madison County’s mess. She said Steidel said Lawrenceburg might be able to help fund some of this. The bottom line- the commissioners need to give serious thought to perpetuating records in the event of a disaster.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Director- gave a 10-minute report- (after taunting everyone with his promise to get out of there at least before 11:45 PM like at the Council)

1. The agreement was tabled with Beam Longest and Neff while waiting on a ROW agreement and updated cost estimates.

2. They opened bids yesterday and salt- pretreated- is coming in less than untreated last year by $26/ton. Current price is $73.62 /ton delivered.

3. INDOT letter regarding North Dearborn project between SR 1 and McCann will require his presentation at a July 1st meeting to get the additional $1.5 mil needed. INDOT already granted $1 mil last year. There are only 2 competing projects – our chances are good.

4. ITS system for 275- commissioners signed both agreements for DC and INDOT and DC and URS Corp. The project is 100% federally funded- and will be reimbursed to the county. Should be let by Sept.

5. Report on Council’s approvals- see Council notes from last week for details.

6. Listerman will beat a conference then on vacation for the next Commissioners meeting.
Pickens- Auditor- commissioners agreed to the Council’s decision to send the school funds back to the state- an old $29,000 CD.

Claims and minutes signed- Hughes abstained from claims as he hadn’t had time to review them all.

Hughes- asked about reversing the burn ban on Mt Tabor Road. Jack Gay said he researched the minutes and saw the discussion and decision but no follow-up resolution or ordinance. The state statute covers what cannot be burned. Essentially its a private nuisance matter – a civil matter- that would be decided by a court. [NOTE- So what happens to the no burning signs the county put up?]

Thompson- reported he was trying to clear up some minor issues with the Animal Control Center to get the building started in June. He did not elaborate on what those issues were.

No one asked to speak at public comment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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