Monday, December 21, 2009


Boards up for reappointment in Dearborn County:

Plan Commission- one member- 4 years [currently Mike Hall]

BZA one appointed by council and one by commissioners- 4 years [currently Jim Deaton and Rick Pope]

Health Board- 2 openings- 4 years [currently Steve Hubbard and Don Rechtin]

Aurora Public Library- 2 appointed by commissioners and one by council- 4 years [currently Roger Rullman, Trina Hetzler, and Ralph Droege]

Cemetery Board- one member- 5 years [currently Lois Harper]

Hospital Board- 2 members – 5 years (one in Jan, one in Mar) [currently Betty Bischoff and Carl Petty]

Alcoholic Beverage Board- one member- 1 year [currently Jim Dole]

911 Communications Board- one member needs commissioner acknowledgement- Fire Dept appoints. [currently Randy Abner]

Convention and Visitor’s Bureau- 5 members- 2 years [currently Ahmad Ahmad, Marilyn Bower, Dee Hacker, Steve Hedges, and Ellen Perfect]

PTABOA (Tax Appeals)- 3 by Commissioners, 2 by Council- 1 year [currently Bill Hartwell, Mark Neff, Ken Maddin, Mary Booker, and Gary Hensley]

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