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30 November 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

30 November 2009 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Meeting moved to Nov 30 from Dec 1 due to Commissioner’s Conference.

Present: Thompson, Chairman, Hughes, and Orschell
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, and Witte, Attorney

Commissioners denied the Med Ben claim discussed in executive session preceding the meeting.


Hogan Water Corp remains tabled.

East Fork Road remains tabled.

Happy Hollow was retabled after neighbors produced more information and commissioners asked for further research. It appeared that the neighbors possibly were looking to have road maintenance extended to their location as well as the Lykins property. Listerman was not present due to meeting change.


Sheriff Lusby opened three food bids form Ellenbee Leggett, Gordon Foods, and US Food Service. All were taken under advisement for the matron to review.

Gary Hensley presented the Tyler Technologies contract for new construction and trending assessment for $61,900 per year for 2010 and 2011. This is the same as 2009. Witte will review the contract for commissioners to sign at the next meeting.

Brett Dodd of RQAW gave a brief report of their Campus Charette starting Dec 9-16 with the Shumway analysis. They will do the Charette for about 5 hours in the morning on Dec 17 with 3 teams of about 8 people each. A judge will be in each group, sheriff representatives, commissioners, prosecutors office etc. Each team will present a viable solution to the process- they may get consensus on one or end up with two or three options. He plans to have areport to commissioners by Jan 19 with the holidays in the middle. They will have knowledge of how much area each dept needs in the building for the charette groups.

Commissioners approved the 2010 meeting calendar with the 1st Tues of the month at 7 PM and the 3rd Tues at 9 AM The 9 AM meeting will be in the Lawrenceburg Council Chambers on Walnut Street to avoid any further conflicts with the judges per Pickens. The May and Nov election day meetings are moved to the next day (Wed)

Highway updates given under Thompson due to Listerman absence.

Pickens- Claims and minutes approved

Witte- Attorney:

Scott Carlton lawsuit vs Shane McHenry was voluntarily withdrawn by Carlton. County is “off the hook” on that one. He was suing for interference with his employment as McHenry allegedly informed his employers that he wa engaged in illegal activities.

County has been named in a couple more foreclosure actions- a normal part of the process.

Witte met with Jeff Tucker and has instructed Listerman to provide a history of the county and Tucker on Seldom Seen road issues. Listerman will have this by Friday.

Hughes- asked for clarification on the animal director selection. He wanted the Animal Board to preview and recommend 3 choices. Commissioners agreed.

Hughes stated he had an email from L&I regarding home permits being stopped. The email will be forwarded to Plan Director and PC attorney- McGill- for review and clarification.

Thompson- reported that they will close on Randall Avenue property on Dec 8. Pickens will have checks ready at that time. Doug Denmure is preparing the deed.

Thompson also reported the Artemis camera contracts are let and message boards will be next.

Thompson said the paper will post the list of appointments for county offices so any citizen interested can apply. There is an issue with animal control board having more members than originally set up. ( 7 vs 9) That will be researched.

Raection PC will have website up close to the first of the year. They will also be training dept heads on how to enter material.

Commissioners approved Ginny Daum getting business cards to use for the TriState Medical Reserve Corps. She is the volunteer coordinator.

Kraus Jr discussed the possibility of getting money to fund research of all old county roads to get an accurate list. He will do further research on this to decide if it is feasible. They could hire a part timer to go through all the records. Pickens suggested historical society as help and Chris McHenry’s name came up as suggestion.

Sandy Carley thanked commissioners for food station help. She picked up the director resumes and will distribute to the board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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