Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After An Unwelcome Message Is Delivered...

What happens to one's social life and employment when one brings up an ethical point that NOBODY wants to hear. Hmmmmmm???

It's best to at LEAST have other job prospects when doing such a thing, particularly if there is a family to support. You're hearing from the voice of Experience.

This voice suspects that obligations of a family provider probably have more to do with the timing of Mike Witte's announcement than any individual politics.

Could it be that only ONE lawyer type person understood which regulations constrain the recipients of federal grants?? Could it be that none of the grant applicants had a Clue about the Hatch Acts??

Do our public servants know what they're doing?

It appears that money will be unnecessarily going down the drain, because of failure to read the fine print attendant with the federal "largess" showered upon the county.

Perhaps the citizens should feel lucky if Mike Witte revealed compliance issues with the federal grant regulations before it is too late.

K Brauer
LBG Township

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