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17 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 August 2010 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Ralph Thompson, President, Tom Orschell, and Jeff Hughes
Also present: Bill Ewbank, County Coordinator, and Jack Gay, Attorney.
ABSENT: Gayle Pennington, Auditor (at Council hearings)Connie subbing for Gayle who is at Budget Hearings

1. Tucker Development- Seldom Seen and Old Orchard- continued tabled- bond has been renewed for one- but unknown about the letter of credit on Phase 1. McCormack is following up on that per Listerman.

2. Langley Heights- Ordinance to Vacate- tabled from July 6.
John Wright spoke again giving statements from one of the tenants near the bus and Rumpke’s turn-around. This stated where turnarounds occurred. Landlord Pat Kerns told us not to have people turn around. Documents from John Moore on ROW around the York Road area- and shows that it is already deeded to him. Document to show Ridge Ave- now called York- by 911- shows the actual width of that strip of land as 20.5 ft wide at the angle piece. 30 feet elsewhere. Produced Siemantel Avenue’s actual length documents. Some are really driven ROW and some are roads. Others are unmaintained but reserved.
Orschell went up there and thinks a 25 ft turnaround N and s on Stedman at Siemantel as driven. They would vacate the other ROWs. Johnny Wright would keep the gate on out as private. If developed they would have to replat and build roads to county standards. Hughes said we don’t normally replat unless someone asks. The owners would rather leave as is. Orschell said the county engineer would rather clean it up- not have it on the books. Earlier on people had asked for vacations back in the 1950s. County owns the land between the litigants and Judge Cleary brought the county into the suit due to this. This was platted in 1891. Orschell thinks that vacating would get the county out of this civil litigation.
Orschell motioned to vacate everything that is not driven except for the turnaround on Stedman at Siemantel and the ROW to Wright’s property and the gate belongs to Wright.
Worried about access to Aurora’s water tower.
York Avenue to Dale Benjamin’s property is driven and dead ends into his parent’s property per son of Dale Benjamin.
Thompson suggested he reword the motion to what we will NOT vacate might be easier.
Listerman said he needed turnarounds at the end of each maintained road for county maintenance. This would also serve the busses and garbage trucks.
Johnny Wright does not want Stedman Avenue vacated as he needs that as access. Wieman Avenue is basically a ditch. Water run-off issues. Johnny Moore requests part of the old York vacated. Sutton OK to vacate if it makes it easier for the county- half goes to Kern, half to him.
Motion died for lack of 2nd.
Orschell wants to vacate all not driven except for Siemantel and Stedman with 25 ft turnaround at Stedman and Siemantel and legal county ROW to Wrights’ property. Includes Wieman for access to water tower. Hughes won’t second. Thompson said it was a sticky issue- to clean it up and get the county out of the middle of this he 2nded. Passed. Hughes Nay.
Gay will redraft the ordinance to reflect the motion. Ordinance will give sheriff the legal rights to keep ROW open.

3. DCRSD Appointments – tabled from July 20- tabled until commissioners could meet the people on the resumes.

4. Animal Control fee and ordinances tabled to be discussed at the next day meeting. Ordinance requires humane treatment of animals. If left without food or water, this was enforceable. Ordinance was put together back in May. Commissioners approved the new ordinance unanimously. Sheriff is working on getting ACO’s deputized for enforcement of this ordinance.
Animal control fees- raised most prices. $6 for dog tags if spayed/neutered and $11 if not spayed or neutered. Impoundment fees are $20 first day and $10 each additional day. Adoption is $60 dogs and $25 cats. Euthanize an owned animal will be $50- though they would like to not have to do this. Other fees were listed as well.
Adopted new fees with the exception of the tax lien option for fee collection.

5. Charity Roadblocks – tabled from Aug 3- Ewbank summarized and got public comments from Beacon on it. Cities don’t really have anything on this. Hughes doesn’t want piles of legislation of something that doesn’t have shelf-life. Orschell and Thompson agreed that it was a safety issue and it often involves children. Commissioners agreed to have Gay draw up a ban n charity roadblocks ordinance.

6. OKI Memorandum of Understanding/grant application info- tabled from Aug 3- needed a signature to meet deadline- so commissioners ratified Thompson’s signature.


Juvenile Center Doctor Agreement signatures- approved.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT- Todd Listerman-gave a 30- minute report
Went back to Langley heights- do the commissioners also want me to put that 2nd turnaround up at the top of the hill? Yes- about a 20 ft one. This will help with safety on that hill.

Agreements with Beam Longest and Neff are not completed yet. They want to include costs so that they can see costs with doing the 27 legal descriptions. Andy Pikel from Beam Longest and Neff spoke. Engineering will remain the same- but if you get a property by donation you can eliminate all the appraisal fees, unless the owner wanted it for tax purposes. If over $25,000 you have to have review appraisal too. Thompson said we are looking for an NTE with costs. Ready for next meeting.

Public bond for Listerman himself signed.

OKI says $39,000 in funds- and sign inventory costs about $130,000. So Listerman is trying to get interns etc.

Highway safety funds can be used for new installations of guardrail per Mark Payne of OKI. He will check with Howard Barth and assoc. and see what they can do with that $39,000. Locations have not been selected yet.

Got quotes and bids for work in the county. Two one ton trucks for smaller roads in county for snow plows were approved by the council. Last year they had to take 2 13 year old trucks out.
Haag at $78,300 was low bid on these truck chassis.

Equipment to go on it by Kaffenberger as low was $36,400.

Indiana Sign and Barricade from INDY for line striping -$22,999.90

Garage door for $8,600 from Maxwell Construction for Randall Ave Bldg

Water proofing for $7,020 from Maxwell Construction for Randall Ave Bldg.

$27,000 to reclaim old SR 1 to Gaynor using millings after they have reground the old road. This will regrade, recompact, and chip seal. 1.2 miles of road. Listerman wants to ask Council permission to do this as a test of this procedure. Thinks this is a good solution for our low-volume through roads. This has worked in other places- just the first time we try it here. OK’d to go to Council.

Woliung Road and Konradi were done this year and he wants to go to Council to get $41,000 to do chip seal on these and finish them. Approved to go to Council.

Rohe Paving in Aurora has 6,000 tons of millings available for $81,000 from Ohio County state project. He wants to go to Council to get approved for this from 172 fund. OK’d to go to Council.
Three bridges that qualify for funding- #24 Cold springs and #138 Bonnell at Burzelbach, and North Dearborn at #102 Creekside. He has funding for designs on North Dearborn and Cold Springs. Collier Ridge Bridge is already approved. The feds are 80/20 on design on this also. This is very competitive. To get the edge- he wants to start the actual design. INDOT will do the environmental review. They will give DES numbers. He wants approval to get design started on this. We can pay 100% of our own funds if we don’t want to use federal funds on this. They would do 2 this year and one next year. OK’d to proceed.

ANIMAL CONTROL- Marlene Underwood- getting way too many cats. Getting a lot of out of state residents for adoptions. Local business owner will be putting two animals’ pictures in the paper for adoptions. Someone is also doing videos of the dogs to help with adoptions on facebook and You tube. Uniforms soon and vehicles lights.

AUDITOR- Connie Fromhold-Claims and minutes signed, except for Aug 3rd, tabled for review.

ATTORNEY- Jack Gay-none


Jeff Hughes- what did we recommend for county raises for employees. They said it would probably remain the same.
Tom Orschell- none
Ralph Thompson- should we notify Judge Cleary of the Langley Heights issue. Gay will do that. Also the 5 requirements from Planning and Zoning ordinance are included in the discussion and acceptance.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- DC approved for grant funding for supplies and material for medical reserve corp to get assistance during emergencies.

Sandy Carley- the video on dogs are awesome- and would like to put a link on the Petfinder and their home page for PAWS to do that also. Because they are county animals she wanted to be sure. Commissioners approved.

Howard Luke – provided papers as requested at previous meeting. Commissioners and the attorney received copies. Commissioners decided to review these and have a response by the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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