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23 August 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

23 August 2010 Dearborn County Plan Commission Meeting Notes

Present: Mike Hall, Chairman, Jake Hoog, Mike Hornbach, Dennis Kraus Jr., Dan Lansing, Mark Lehman, Ken Nelson, and Ralph Thompson.

ABSENT: Russell Beiersdorfer

Also Present: Mark McCormack, Plan Director, and Arnie McGill, Attorney.

Minutes approved for May 24th, June 28th with spelling correction, and July 26th with minor amendment.


Proposed changes to the Subdivision Control Ordinance were put together at the commissioner’s request regarding eliminating the letter of credit in favor of insurance or bank performance bonds. Certificates were redone to reflect these changes. County engineer (or designee) is the one who determines if the improvements are completed. Nelson asked if we wanted to have bank bonds if the FDIC isn’t even honoring them. Discussion noted that these weren’t bank bonds in that particular article; they were letters of credit. Cashier’s checks in the past were kept in a couple instances in the Auditor’s safe. The Auditor and County Engineer will be included in the monthly bond status reports in the ordinance. Monuments and markers was amended to be just monuments.

Ken Nelson motioned to forward a favorable recommendation to the commissioners with the above amendments with Mark Lehman seconding. All ayes.

Within the next week or so, Tucker’s bonds will be called, if not addressed or completed.

St. Leon is still proceeding.

Budget is at or below last year’s levels. Legals might require more money if any issues arise.

Residential/Ag zoning subcommittee will meet next Monday Aug 30th at 7 PM.

Drainage meeting will be attended by several board members.


Request modifications to the written commitments required during the Monday Feb 23, 2009 public hearing by applicant Tom Stone for 82 acres in Harrison township on Harrison Brookville Road for property zoned M-2 wholly in the TIF district. Owners are Tom and Joseph Stone and Carol Smith.

[NOTE: Has anyone addressed this use as being a desirable use for a TIF area? Why was automotive sales and service eliminated in the first place?]

77 uses were eliminated and applicant wants to reestablish one of them- automotive sales and service. This is to move Hirlinger Chevrolet from west Harrison just down the road to this new location. Accesses to this property need to be addressed with this request. Traffic study needs to be completed with a deadline also.

Tom Stone presented- saying that DCEDI started with this almost 3 years ago. They became a shovel ready site and the last leg is to get sewer ready. With the economic downturn they were not able to do what they wanted with development of the property. This fell back in his lap to pursue whatever avenue to get this property developed and sold. Government stimulus to GM wanted the remaining dealerships to upgrade. That is what Hirlinger is doing here at the Stone property and its higher visibility. The property Hirlinger bought across the way is being sold to the Redevelopment Commission and Hirlinger is in turn buying the Stone piece.

NO Public present to speak.

Thompson- No problem as it’s not a residential area. It will bring wealth into the county, though not necessarily many new jobs. Sewer is not there yet- so it isn’t really shovel ready yet.

Lansing said DCRSD will be at Council in Nov with different plans to provide sewage there.

Lehman said- it is a permitted use in a B-2 even.

Hall- there are already motorcycle sales, trailer sales, and fireworks in the area there.

Lansing- how many acres will Hirlinger use?

Stone- about 6-8 acres. Stone lives on the site near this. His mother wanted the farm sold and so it has been hard for him, he said. There was some issue with Phase 1 archaeological study earlier. He thought they got a little “excited” and wanted to create a preserved area in a county with riverboat revenue. They are using another archeological firm that John Maxwell recommended and they are redigging in sectors for about $7,000. He is not required to do this as a private property owner and could just do it by process of discovery. He is electing to do it to be responsible.
GM requested Hilinger put in a building of at least 39,000 sq ft.

Thompson moved that all other items stay intact as commitments and that they reinstate Item 11 under 1155 #11 based on the fact that it fits the comp plan, it is similar to other uses in the area, is desirable under the allowed uses, and it shouldn’t affect property values, and it’s responsible development. Lehman 2nded. All ayes- passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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