Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 Project Based Learning Academy REGISTRATIONS

2011 Project Based Learning Academy
Registrations being taken!

Dearborn County Teachers are taking
advantage of learning about this new
wave of developing learning environments!

See Email Information supplied below!!!!!

Mark J. Neff
Dearborn County EcO15 Coordinator
Dearborn Community Foundation
322 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

(812) 539-4115 Foundation Office
(812) 539-4119 Fax
(812) 584-7629 Cell Phone
Info about the PBL Academy..........Great opportunity for K-12 STEM Teachers!!!!!!!

You're invited to contact Mr. Abrams for more information about benefits to teachers attending the ACADEMY!

I’ve caught up now with PBL Academy registrations. 39 folks have already registered, sorted by county.

New registrations are coming in regularly and, I believe, to date the ‘marketing effort’ has been limited to sending out a flyer via email. Undoubtedly I’ll need your help in getting the word out about the program later.

Also, we’re about to release a ‘new and improved’ PBL Academy website which will greatly facilitate providing information about the 2011 program which is significantly expanded in scope (subject areas, level of PBL classroom experience, etc.). The three content areas of focus are K-12 math, MS/HS science, and MS/HS technology education (i.e., advanced mfg prep – this area will be led by Bob Sexton of Seymour HS). However, the fundamental purpose of the program is to prepare teachers to utilize PBL, so all teachers are welcome. We already have several elementary science teachers, English teachers, and language arts teachers who have registered. You’ll note that an elementary principal (from Jac-Cen-Del) has enrolled. That’s great! The more administrators who can get involved, the better.

I’ll provide a further update on the program design, registrations, and on-going communication plan during the webinar next week.

Robert Abrams


Project Manager - STEM Education and Regional Manufacturing Network

524 Franklin Street

Columbus, IN 47201


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