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11 June 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

11 June 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Maynard Barrett, and Bill Ullrich.

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor

ABSENT: Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Commissioners- Terri Randall- Shumway-Votaw Lot Paving- Randall was not here so Council went from notes - asking for additional contingency amount of $40,000. Any additional money not used will be returned to the county. Lansing questioned why the bidders aren’t eating the excess? Morris and Ullrich said that these were unforeseen costs on Phase 2.  Bob Hrezo answered some of their questions regarding the increased cost. No one went over their bids. The geo tech report came in with some unknowns that others didn’t know about then. The originals were estimates-not bids. Morris and Barrett motioned for the $40,000. All ayes. They are going to start on it ASAP with notice of award tomorrow said Hrezo.

Park Board- Jim Red Elk- Project Discussion- capital spending approval process background. Red Elk wants a method for approval process for capital improvements so that is a consistent way of doing things. The current amount in the non-reverting Capital Projects Fund for parks is $89,000+. He is hoping that the methodology for spending money out of this fund could be avoided for very small projects. Park Board meets once a month- but the Council meets several times a year. They aren’t sure how to get with Council when they aren’t having a monthly meeting. Large capital projects are those greater than $100,000.

Construction leader responsibilities would be project development, budgets, schedules and permits, drawings and specs, revise drawings with park board members and see if engineering firm is required. Phase 1 communicates this to Council with no money committed yet. Phase 2 is to get a budget number to submit to Council. Phase 3 is to assemble a project and finalize the scope with updates on all processes. Phase 4 gets a budget number with a 10% contingency and get approval from Council. Phase 5 is Construction. Phase 6 pays out and closes out the project.

Lansing asked if Council has to participate in all these steps.  Red Elk was making them aware of the steps they take to get the projects to Council.

Projects greater than $100,000 obtain 3 bids

Projects $25,000-$100,000 get 2 bids

Projects less than $25,000- get quotes from contractors.

Pennington said that statutorily they know what the bid amounts have to be. Council has only 2 meetings they have to have and the rest are special meetings.

RedElk said they would typically bring big projects to them at budget time. But they aren’t organized that well yet- so for the next couple years he Is seeking guidance. He wants to make a procedure so that it lasts beyond these park board members. And also Council members.

Kraus said that we need to have parks so that we can attract businesses here. We need to show them some recreational opportunities. Maynard Barrett said this could work like the sewer board does for their projects. Morris said she hopes Council and parks can work together.She said Bright Meadows Park serves the greatest number of people and it needs restrooms. Lansing said there is one that has NO restrooms yet. RedElk wants to be sure to communicate with all of them appropriately. Lyness said he used to be on Park Board. He wants to be sure we don’t have so much PARK that we cannot maintain it. Kraus said they need to get part time people to help maintain them. They have an attendant at Bright Meadows. Will we need more of them? They don’t want to have a tax rate added for parks.

Red Elk said that once they get the plans for parks- like a 5 year master plan they submit to IDNR. They will then be able to show smaller projects and how they fit into this 5 year plan.

He presented with Dave Mattlin (Park member)a Rullman Long range Plan Prototype. They also want to know if old animal shelter and parcel by highway garage could be transferred to the Park so that they know the total acreage on County Farm that they have to plan for. For 2014 they propose to put in rudimentary facilities there. But they need to know about the land. No answer.

Morris asked again- Where is the Bright Meadows on that plan? She pressed Red Elk hard on this- including saying that no one really knows where some of these other parks are. He said that they need to get their master plan and priority list done. He said they want to get the basic improvements for all the parks so they are all online. Rullman first and then County Farm. Then go to Bright Meadows.

Charlie Keyes said that this board changed how riverboat savings was spent last year. So things can be changed. Morris said she had made that motion to spend Riverboat Savings without the full council agreeing and he could talk to her about that. He stopped and asked Red Elk to go on. Red Elk said that he would prefer not to see the land acquisition account be turned into a fund for maintenance instead. Morris had wanted to spend it for Bright Meadows and current parks.

Red Elk gave a simple plan with pictures and maps showing Rullman’s short term project on its 80 acres. He wants to do a privy and some paving there and a larger parking lot option. The bathroom will be a 2 seat privy- AKA outhouse.

Kraus said if we have spent all this money down here for the jail etc. and we should be able to do something for our parks.

Bright Fire dept gave them some old playground equipment for Rullman. They have to maintain Rullman as a rustic wildlife refuge Morris reminded them. Red Elk said that they consolidate all this is the entry area. They asked if they could get bright done this year too.  Mattlin and Red Elk said if you give us the money- yes. [NOTE: It seems like getting any money depends on getting Bright Meadows done too.]

Red Elk said if you want to do this and get money- please do NOT take it from our land acquisition account. Discussion ensued about getting Bright Meadows done now – or for next spring. Council seems willing to bypass the methodology to get it done faster at Bright. More discussion about costs and if they have to get more bids etc.

Red Elk wants park board members to spend more time on planning and less on nuts and bolts and mowing etc. Park Board will get more plans and come to July meeting with numbers for council. They will also get it advertised by 2nd week of July. More discussion. They will do it at budget hearings- because July is rushing them. Council wants to use riverboat revenue for these projects but it has to be advertised. Rullman Phase 1 will be approved for a NTE of $71,771.50. It has to be advertised for budget time for that approval in early September. They might need to have a special meeting in August for it, if things come together.

[NOTE: There were parts of this discussion where some Council members were telling the Park Board what to do and even suggesting where to put things in the park. Council should let the Park Board do its job. There were strong political overtones tonight particularly with Bright Meadows. Council needs to look at needs across the county- not just Bright. A regional park can be a big draw economically in addition to local small parks. Schools can use parks with ponds and lakes and woods as large biology teaching labs as well as recreational uses. 4 H, Scouts, and other youth groups can use the larger spaces also. Consider the variety of activities a large park can host ( like Winton Woods or Mount Airy Forest) ]

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- Minutes for December 20, 2012 - approved. The May meeting minutes will have to wait until corrections in motions were made.

Late Arrival- none

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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