Tuesday, June 18, 2013

18 June 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

18 June 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


Region 9 Workforce Board Representative- tabled again- as Randall hasn’t heard back from Kathy Patterson at Chamber yet.

Township Advisory Board Vacancies for Washington and Jackson Township – Baudendistel said Lynn Deddins was willing to serve. McHenry will verify this for next meeting. Commissioners fill these spots when the party doesn’t do it within the required 30 day limit per Baudendistel. McHenry to try to get a name for Washington Township rep.  Tabled.

Maximus Consultant Contract- tabled as response from Maximus not received yet per Pennington.


Animal Control report- Marlene Underwood- tabled until next daytime meeting so she can be there.

Approval of EMA Homeland Security Application- Baudendistel has reviewed. Applying for up to $10,000 – McHenry said Bill Black wanted to have commissioners support. Approved.

CMHC, Executive Director- Tom Talbot- Introduction and presentation- they are a private non-profit mental health center. There are 25 mental health centers in the entire state. Required by Division of mental health and addictions to provide  a continuum of care. They also provide support free during natural disasters. They have their own psychiatric wing at Dearborn County Hospital. They also provide 120 beds in 5 counties for homeless individuals who have mental health issues.  They also share their federal dollars with school programs too. They have 282 employees with a $19 million budget for the region they serve. Served 4389 clients in 2009 and in the past year over 5800. They do get some insurance revenue, Medicaid money, block grant money,  1 % of property tax dollars etc. Much of it is used to match grants. Indianapolis doesn’t have to worry about match money being exceeded. Rural counties like ours end up owing 33% back to state after they exceed their match money. They came to the conclusion that they can’t continue to give $1-2 million in care. They are seeking more funding sources. They are basically the safety net for community- keeping people out of jails.

Kevin Lynch volunteers on their board and he says their situation is more dire than it seems, at first blush. Revenue from service providers is down in the last couple years. They end up taking on patients that others won’t – as they cannot make money on them. Two Mental healt centers went out of business and 8 have lost money in the last year. Kevin Lynch said he cannot make motion to approach Council as he is on the board.

Talbot said in the past they approached Lawrenceburg and have not heard back from them. Lane Siekman is their attorney and Baudendistel said they should get together to talk about the public private partnership statutes first. No decision.

IFSSA Grant Amendment #4 – Prosecutor’s Office- Bryan Messmore presented. Approval and signature  requested on Indiana family and Social Services for Aging- commonly known as Adult Protective Services for the surrounding 4 counties and ourselves.  $98,895 same as we receive every year since 2010. It includes an additional $8,000 for operational expenses we incur- which is good news for county general- per Messmore. Approved and signed.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- asked Brad Rullman to explain the parking issues.

Jail Updates- Rullman -started jail project on Monday and trying to get a parking lot set up- but in an effort to get things moving- they will get a new lot up by the beginning of August. There are issues with ADA parking spots. They will be stripping the site over the next couple days to see what the subsoil issues might be.

Randall said they had to get creative on where they parked the county vehicles that were in the EMA parking lot. When she got back after being off last week she saw they took more spaces that she had anticipated. The delays in the Votaw project has affected this parking issue. She said they should continue to encourage employees to use the street parking so that citizens don’t have to.

Two proposals for soil testing were $61 apart – Alt & Witzig $47,400 and ATC was $47,461. Discussion on who to accept.  Commissioners approved Alt and Witzig.

Concrete bids that were rebid to be sent in later this week. They also requested that we agree not to disclose their financials. Baudendistel said that the state law says this financial info is considered confidential anyway. Dearborn County and Core Slab Contractors confidentiality contract signed.

Lawrenceburg gave permission to use their property that CSX used for staging and parking workers. They will agree to move if someone wants to buy the land- that is owned by Lawrenceburg Redevelopment. 

Bids for package 3 and 8 will be in this week.

Shumway/Votaw Update- Bob Hrezo was present to answer questions. $141,943- for Dave O’Mara who is the low bidder. They will bring contract to July 2 meeting. Then 45 days to get job done. They need a notice to proceed to O’Mara. Baudendistel  reviewed. Approved.

Contract with Hrezo for a not to exceed $3290 to daily watch the work on Shumway/Votaw work. Approved by Commissioners.

Randall wants to contract with Alt & Witzig to test for soil testing for a not to exceed $4250 for earthwork, concrete, and asphalt. They will check for compaction and test concrete for slump etc. Acceptance agreement, construction testing was approved.

Lynch and Randall met with Lawrenceburg EMS and they are prepared to enter an interlocal agreement with Lawrenceburg which was reviewed per Baudendistel. Approved in several steps to allow authorization to enter into the interlocal agreement, then approve the interlocal agreement itself. Then they approved the funding for 2 squads for $40,000. Randall had to search for those contracts to be approved later in the meeting perhaps. They later motioned to allow McHenry to sign it when they can find it aftedr the meeting sometime.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington- Claims approved. Minutes approved for May 21 and May 28 special meeting.

Pennington got a letter from new postmaster that said they have to charge the county for sorting mail. Pennington said that she wants street delivery and no fees for the taxpayers to foot the bill for. She talked to judges and Humphrey said he thinks they can sort their own mail. Maintenance crew used to pick up and sort this. She is anticipating some complaints. Commissioners said no one should complain about sorting their own mail.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- has prepared some ordinances for planning and Zoning for the July meeting.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch wanted everyone to go out and enjoy the 4H fair this week.

McHenry asked for a moment of silence for Terri Randall’s sister-in-law who passed this week.

 Lynch also said that Congressman Messer has been here 3 times since election. He is glad he is spending time here.  Randall concurred.



Meeting adjourned at 6: 45 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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Anonymous said...

So what more does the Mental Health Center want from taxpayers? In my view this is not a function of county government, but state law says counties much contribute to it. I say, it should stop with whatever the county is currently doing. Sorry, but we need more money for services (that are the function of county government) that serve everyone (like better roads). Maybe CHMC should think about doing what the private sector does -- cut some costs, cut some programs.
I hope the Commissioners have enough guts not to pass the buck, literally, to the County Council. If it does go to the Council, I hope they have the guts to let the buck go no farther.
Problem is, they will be accused of being "insensitive." It will be interesting to see if they can get past that.
Taxpayers cannot subsidize all things for all people and for all needs. It is the job of our elected officials to prioritize.