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16 July 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

These notes are courtesy of Helen Kremer, who graciously offered to take meeting notes in my absence this week. cbm

16 July 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present:  Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.


1.        Teresa Randall proposed the Commissioners assign Amy Kosee (sp) as the Region 9 Workforce Board Representative, who comes recommended by the Chamber of Commerce, and is a HR Director for a company in Aurora.  Ms. Kosee has asked to be considered for this position, and there has been no one else interested.  Kevin Lynch motioned that Amy Kosee be appointed the Region 9 Workforce Board Representative, Art Little seconded, all ayes.


2.       Township Advisory Board Vacancy – Washington (tabled).


3.       Marlene Underwood gave the Animal Control Report update and report of calls from January through June.  They have been open during the summer months until 6 pm, due to more incidents of dog bites in the summer.  Shane McHenry said they should continue staying open during the summer until six, and asked if they are working on getting a kennel  available  when Animal Control is not open, so officers can have a place to put non-dangerous dogs until their facility is open.  Ms. Underwood replied they are trying to find a solution, and will follow-up with email informing the Commissioners if any progress is being made.


4.       Teresa Randall represented Brad Rullman, Maxwell’s Construction Manager, regarding Jail Bid #8.  Ms. Randall said the contractor went to bid the second time, and the low bid was Jail Correctional Projects from Ohio, in the amount of $869,000, which is significantly lower.  We have done due duty and the financials of the company checked out and we are ready to go.  The standard forms were ready for signatures.  Andy Baudendistel said he sat in on the meeting and reviewed the documents and there are no issues.  Kevin Lynch made a motion to accept Jail Bid #8, Art Little seconded, all ayes.  All three Commissioners had to sign all three documents.


1.       Craig Beckley asked the Commissioners to sign documents for a Federal grant for Heart House.  Also, he wanted to thank them for contacting the State Board to get a third member on his advisory board.  Mr. Beckley gave an update of their successes with helping people who need to get back on their feet.  The Federal grant of $31,000, pays 2/3 of their utilities.  Heart House is the largest shelter outside of Indianapolis.  83% of the people they help are employable and get a job.  Heart House is not just a warm bed and hot meal place, they have a measurable success rate.  Art Little motioned to approve signing the Federal grant, Kevin Lynch seconded, all ayes. The Commissioners congratulated Mr. Beckley for his work.


2.       The Commissioners were requested to sign the YES Home Owner Certification.  Kathy Kelly, of the SE Planning Commission asked them to approve and sign the annual CDG Housing grant.  There are no issues, this is standard process, and the last time this report is necessary.  Shane McHenry had to sign and the document had to be notarized. McHenry checked with Andy Braudendistel , and he concurred.  Kevin Lynch motioned to sign the certification, Art Little seconded, all ayes.



3.       There was no issue with the OKI Agreement for $16,444, and the Commissioners could sign  according to Andy Baudendistel .  There were two copies of the agreement and an operating budget, for the same amount of funding.  Ms. Randall said the amount was a little lower.   Kevin Lynch said he believes we are building good relationships with OKI.  Shane McHenry was told everything was okay with the agreement.  Art Little made a motion to approve $16,444 for the OKI Agreement, Shane McHenry seconded, all ayes.


4.       Todd Listerman, County Engineer asked for the Commissioners signatures on the new INDOT form for LPA Federal Aid Verification of Schedule.  Mr. Listerman explained these forms are for project verification for the slide correction on Stateline Road, and also for Collier Ridge.  Kevin Lynch motioned to approve the schedule adjustment for Collier Ridge and to approve adjustment for Stateline Road, Art Little seconded, all ayes.


Shane McHenry said he has received calls regarding some road issues in the County.  One is in the Pinhook area.  The road is starting to slip away, and the Post Office said they will no longer deliver the mail.  Todd Listerman said he will go up and take care of it.  McHenry asked Todd to send him an email to let him know it is ok.  Also, R#1 Sawdon Ridge—the problem is solved, but a citizen called about Ridge Road to say there is speeding there now and other issues.  Todd said he will call the Sheriff for patrols out there.


5.       Request letter of support for St. Leon (tabled).


6.       Mark McCormack and members of the Planning Commission Board, who were in attendance, were there to discuss Zoning Ordinances and the Zoning Map, which was on display.  Mark said since 2009, there have been many meetings with the Zoning Commission, the Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and an Advisory Committee made up of citizens with associated interests.  The changes were presented to the Commissioners, and were in text and pictures.  An overview was given of executive summary of Articles 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 22.  The changes demonstrate what will work better for our community in business districts-- Industrial/manufacturing, agriculture and residential areas, landscaping options, etc.  Mr. McCormack wanted to know if the Commissioners thought  these changes were generally acceptable because we are supposed to update the text and maps every five years.  The question is doing just the text at first, or maps, or both?


Shane McHenry said the presentation was user friendly, and he did not want to slow down the process—it looked fairly reasonable, some things he took issue with, but nothing to hold up the process.  Kevin Lynch suggested they go to business areas and get their side, share with Economic Development people.


Mark said there are places that are zoned for business where it is not going to happen because the area is in a flood plain, and he mentioned other areas that are not zoned correctly which need to be corrected.  Mark said changes to the map and changes to the text –what process? Kevin Lynch said to reach out to town boards, St. Leon, Dillsboro, the more people included you get a better  and workable product.  Mark explained that all the towns are on the Advisory Committee.


Andy Baudendistel said since we do not have a 90 day window, get the text, and then work on the current map. Mark McCormack asked the Commissioners if they wanted to talk to any of the Plan Commission Board in attendance. 


Mike Hall said the end product is to change the climate for land use, and provide the tools to facilitate, protecting the land owner, without scaring everyone to death, we don’t want to go there again.  Shane McHenry said that is not easy stuff to get through.  Mike Hall said we have good participation with the community.


Mark McCormack said we have not made it more difficult, used more scientific methods and have better defined sections.  We will regroup and get something back to you in a timely fashion.


Shane McHenry asked Mark McCormack to find out if there is an adequate waterline to the Indian Ridge area.   Mark said there is a requirement for hydrants, provided by the water provider, and he will check into it.  Also, Shane asked about unsightly properties, and ordinances referring to them.  Mark said we have the ability to take care of it.  Also, on Jacobs and Feller Roads, there are issues with four-wheelers and private recreational areas.  Mark said he would contact the Sheriff.


Mark McCormack said he and Andy Baudendistel will have a GIS coordinator usage agreement to submit at the next meeting.

Administrator – Teresa Randall – no report.

Auditor – Gayle Pennington -  There were AP claims for the Commissioners approval.  Kevin Lynch motioned for approval, Art Little seconded, all ayes.  Payroll was submitted electronically.  Meeting minutes from July 2, 2013, misplaced minutes of 5/21, 2013, and Minutes from June 4, 2013, were motioned to be approved by Kevin Lynch and seconded by Art Little, all ayes.

 Attorney – Andy Baudendistel said they were going to have a meeting at 9:30 am Monday, for an August 20th GIS  Usage agreement.    There are no issues, just to protect a living document usage agreement which protects the county.

Commissioners comments:  Kevin  Lynch said Luke Messer, our representative,  has made another visit to our area.  He was at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Dillsboro last week, so we are getting some attention.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:50 pm.


Submitted by Helen Kremer

Logan Township


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