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12 December 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

12 December 2013 Dearborn County Redevelopment Commission Meeting Notes

Present: John Rahe, President, Kevin Lynch. Dave Deddens, Jim Deaton.

Also Present: Maynard Barrett (Council), Terri Randall, Administrator, and Sue Hayden, Minute Taker

ABSENT: Jum Helms and Andrea Ewan, Attorney

This meeting started at 4:50 PM due to a preceding executive session at 4 PM with Randy Maxwell.

No decision was announced following that meeting. Maxwell left after the executive session.

Terri Randall said that the title work on Whitewater Mills was not completed and they would need to extend the lease to the Mills until mid Jan 2014. The Commission approved Terri Randall to get the lease extension.

Financials report was given with a balance of $453,752.95 in the TIF accounts.

Their commission budget was $80,000 and they are doing well now that they don’t pay the chamber rent and staffing anymore. Financials approved.

There is a large $700,000 amount in the claims but it is the pass through fpr the Lawrenceburg grant for the Mills.

Bonds for the board and Deddins and Deaton were extended with Seitz Insurance through 2014. Claims approved.

County Administrator report- Randall asked the Board if they would consider a $10-12,000 donation to the County to redo the Commissioners Room with new seating and maps for the walls to replace the historic ones there and move them elsewhere. Also to redo the Conference Room on the top floor. They could name the conference room and do this in appreciation for meeting rent free.

Maynard Barrett said this should come out of Eric Hartmann’s budget in maintenance. John Rahe said he didn’t want to set that precedence. Kevin Lynch concurred. One of the board members said no plaque- they didn’t need to call attention to themselves. They didn’t want to have expectations that they get first dibs on the room use etc.  Tabled.

Randall said the attorney said she had nothing to report . ( Attorney Andrea Ewan was not present.)

John Rahe that they have to be about more than raising TIF dollars. They are going to have to work hard with the other city and town redevelopment commissions to coordinate the whole county. Lynch thought they could support training sessions and get the other commissions together that way. They had St Leon come to Greendale’s Redevelopment when he was on that and shared ideas. Randall noted that St Leon also worked with the county Planning and Zoning.

Randall said that she thought this year was just wonderful and that she gets all emotional talking about it. She likes the mayors working together and it was such a joy to be part of this highly exciting time.

John Rahe talked to Grant Hughes in Lawrenceburg about a company they couldn’t accommodate. Rage said the state should be coming to the county with these things also- not just Lawrenceburg. He was glad Hughes had passed it on.

Randall noted that Hughes was filling in as Rozow and Boiman were gone- so he is the central person to get those calls.

Randall said the other confidential project is still open and they are not doing anything on the client end right now.

Rahe said that whoever we hire – the guy or gal has a big responsibility as the new coordinator. Lynch said he sent them copies of Michael Hicks talk from Wednesday. Hicks is from Ball State speaking on Economic Development. He noted that one of the research assistants was MORGAN LEWIS who was a graduate of Lawrenceburg High School. (Are they considering hiring her?)

Hoosier Energy and IMPA sponsored scholarships for Deddins and Lynch for their Ball State training January 13-17.

Next meeting Jan 9 at 4 PM for organizational items and election of officers for 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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