Monday, June 02, 2014

Courthouse Annex Plans Head to Commish, Council

Courthouse Annex Plans Head to Commish, Council

Register Publications article in the June 3rd Journal Press. The article online also has an additional link to the DRAFT plan. Commissioners and Council will be reviewing the final version at their June 17th JOINT MEETING which starts at 5 PM.


Anonymous said...

Projected costs are one thing, but WHERE is the money coming from? Has that been discussed yet?

designer said...

There seems to be an idea for a grand entrance here- but it does not reflect the adjoining buildings. A simpler façade that would waste less interior space and be easier to maintain might also be able to give a nod to the neo-classic courthouse era as well. Perhaps a peak with the columns seen on the front and side of the courthouse?
All that glass looks more commercial than governmental.