Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17 February 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 February 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present:  Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney. 

ABSENT- Gayle Pennington- Auditor- covered by Connie Fromhold  
Juvenile Doctor and Nurse agreements- Baudendistel reviewed this and made sure the language was as strong as the one with Advanced Healthcare. They reviewed it with the doctor and nurse Ron Phillips. Tabled to get the correct doctor’s name in this one though.

Request to approach Council for Summer Art Program- Ruth Ann Batta

Road name change- Lake Dilldear- Nicole Daily- This is to help 911 access as there are several ways to get around there. Lake Dilldear will have sections with two other names. Letters were sent to the residents. McHenry agreed that it is very confusing out there and especially with the closing of the road out there. Jared Teaney agreed from 911. Oliver and Edmondson did not claim there letters per Daily. Road names change but house numbers will not. After letters go out they have 2 weeks to get their changes in effect. Approved. 
Jeb drive will be back in March 17 meeting and so will another set in Professional Park Drive. These are privately maintained roads- so changing them to Lanes. Discussion on certified mail costs and they are going to put out signs on the roads with these changes now possibly also. Commissioners were OK with sign plus letters by regular mail. They will see how it works on a small item next. [NOTE: Perhaps regular mail with a prepaid postcard enclosed to drop back would be cheaper. Most people aren’t home to sign for mail.]

Support of Spillman Software to approach Council- Sheriff Mike Kreinhop- Andy Doyle was present from Spillman and John Lee The sheriff’s IT person. Kreinhop talked about the letter with costs etc of purchasing the Spillman system. The 3 cities councils have approved the system. This cannot work unless all agree to use the same system. Thus the county has to be on the same system. He is requesting to go to Council for the money. McHenry said the old Spillman system was Unix based and the new one is Windows. He did not find the current system the county is on as being user friendly and also had some support issues. He asked Jared Teaney from 911 to weigh in. Teaney agreed it is a better system. He had been to Bloomington to see their Spillman system in action. Upgrades are part of the maintenance agreement and not extras as in the current system. Teaney said the reporting and search functions of the system is better too. Baudendistel said that they need to check the Emergitech contract for notice. Randall said that they need to get on the phone with Emergitech and transition this. It will take about a year to get this all together with Spillman anyway. Lyness was present to discuss Council meeting time. There is a March deadline date for their pricing. Randall said the sheriff has brought her in very early on the Commissioner’s behalf. One agency is the host ( the county) and they get reimbursed by the cities portions. Baudendistel said they can handle that. Lynch wanted to be sure we were not on the hook for anyone dropping out. Approved for the sheriff to seek Council funding.

Cincinnati Bell Contract- 911 Director- Jared Teaney- Century link will help with the transition to this an they will be flexible with the cutoff date to be sure all Cinti Bell tech was up. They also gave a new rate and it is not as significant a savings as they thought. Some of Century link equipment is still needed even after the transition as they are the local service provider. TABLED.
GIS Reporting to Commissioners- Jan 18, 2011- voice vote for Margaret Minzer to the Auditor’s office. there are still some internal discussions over where that person sits and works with. Lynch said he wants more input. Randall said she has met with auditor, planning, surveyors on this. She thinks he should be upstairs here with the commissioners and put him with Oren Turner who is working for DCRC. She said he’s pretty much ready to move.  Approved for GIS to report to Commissioners from this time forward. Randall will send the letter to advise of this move to council for budgets etc. 

Highway Engineer- Todd Listerman- 
Signatures for LPA Consultant Design Agreement Stateline @ Georgetown realignment for $254,390 some of which is 90/10 and some is 80/20 due to two different kinds of funding. Project set for 2019.This is with GRW and the county. Approved and signed.

Roads are still being snow plowed and treated- as best they can with the weather and temps.

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall- Belleview interchange is moving ahead. She said it is 4-5 years out and they will get a public meeting on this.  Also trying to get something at the I-275 entrance to the county so CVTB funded $36,000 to get some design and weed removal etc. This is with Context Design and CVTB. 

She is meeting with EMS providers to start talking about recruitment.

Park Board Annual report came out- very nice and they will put on county website.

She is weekly following lobbyists and the Association of Indiana Commissioners to stay updated.

Lynch said he wants to see GREENDALE to be involved in the SR 1 Belleview intersection. He does not want Greendale to feel like we are swooping in on this. She said she would be in touch with CVTB as they funded it. Lynch stressed supporting Greendale- not taking over.

AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold for Pennington- Claims and Minutes from Jan 20 and Feb 3 approved.
EMS contracts for Aurora two squads- signed for $20,000 each.
EMS for 1 unit at St Leon for $20,000 - signed. 

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:
Resolution to enter into the interlocal agreement for EMS with Lawrenceburg for 2 squads at $20,000 each. Approved. Interlocal agreement itself was also approved.

Ordinance transferring personal property to Milan Schools for a vehicle from the sheriff’s dept. valued at less than $1,000. Approved. No dept in the county wanted this vehicle due to the mileage and repairs needed per McHenry.
Agreement to transfer personal property of the above vehicle was approved. There is no warranty and is transferred in as is condition. We have no liability on this transfer. 

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch attended a program by McMillin and Frye for first responders in Dillsboro. It was very well attended. He appreciates Randy and Jud continuing to put on programs. He also wanted to thank McMillin for the Sagamore of the Wabash for Lauren Hill. 
Lynch was in Washington DC also and there was a lot of good interaction for roadway funding. Hopes for some meaningful legislation on that and some tax reform. This evening he is invited to see Rand Paul in Clermont County. 
Also watch for each other and animals in this frigid weather.

Little- said that he was sitting at a table on Augusta Drive with Al Goodman and Rich __ and they placed the call to Jud to get that Sagamore of the Wabash for Lauren Hill started with Jud McMillin. 

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Bill Black- EMA- we are under a yellow travel advisory and will keep it that way as more weather may be coming in. Tim Grieve agreed
he said. He said working with Jared Teaney has been going well- he is stepping in and doing really well. McHenry said - no doubt that we hit a home run with that hire. McHenry said the county highway does a great  job. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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