Tuesday, February 03, 2015

3 February 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 February 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney. 

SE Indiana Workforce Investment Board- Kurt Kegerreis - Director now- Overview- Fed gov’t gives the money to a board of local business leaders to make sure the money is invested in something meaningful for the community. His goal is to help employers find workers and workers find employers. This is a 10 county area. They have reduced arm costs by 28% and increased money getting out to 83%. His purpose was to introduce himself and familiarize them with their purpose. Lynch congratulated him on the impact he is having. One program Kegerreis talked about was to improve the graduation rate for kids who are at risk for dropping out. They have  mentor program in the schools. They only have enough money for 4 schools. They want to get it to every high school in the 10 county area. Lawrence burg is their focus in Dearborn as they express the most interest in their help. There is a new Work Force Investment Law. It keeps the regional control of these dollars intact. He would like them to sign off on that support letter after they get a chance to read it. Little said from 2 years ago to now the work force has increased by leaps and bounds. This has improved with new leadership. Commissioners signed the letter for Region 9. Baudendistel had no issues with the letter. 

Juvenile Center Doctor and Nurse Agreements - Baudendistel asked to TABLE this again for further info.


Lifetime Resources 7 Property Lien Releases- Carla Burkhart- This is for occupational rehab done in 2011 and Baudendistel researched the properties to be sure there were no outstanding taxes. Properties were- 
Steigerwald -$19,322 in Greendale
George Ross- owns the property previously William Hoffman $19,446 in Lawrenceburg
Raymond Lucci- $19,990 Dillsboro
Neil Kaufmann- $19.993.93 L-bg
Scott Perry- $16,224.72-Aurora
Nikki Kauffman-$14,700.66- Bright-Lawrenceburg
George Kaun  $19,986- Brookville
All liens were released and signed by commissioners.

Collier Ridge Change Order- $26,120.72 for additional rock to set pilings and core holes. Approved by Commissioners. 
QCQA asphalt $14,927.50- for tie ins on both ends of the bridge project. Approved by commissioners.
Supplemental agreement for Stateliness Road project is on its way and he will present it under Late Arrivals

Cincinnati Bell Right of Entry Agreement -Baudendistel said Cinti Bell provided this agreement as they will be providing the wire and it is staying there. He has no issues with this. This is effective Jan 3, 2015 for 330 West High Street. Approved and signed by commissioners.

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall-County has been with Centurylink for 911 for a number of years. That contract expires April 12, 2015. She wants to write a letter to them to advise  $82,000 vs $37,000 per year. This savings is due to the Cinti Bell using the cloud not a server we have to maintain. The Cinti Bell agreement is for 5 years. Then automatically renewable annually. The rate is locked in for 5 years. Jared Teaney- new 911 director- said there might be interface issues so they abled this for him to get chance to review for 911. [NOTE: There may also be an issue with the county rule- not to do contracts that extend beyond a year or their term to bind future officeholders.] 

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington - Claims/Minutes - Approved
Certificate fee amount approval- minimum bid of $150 to cover advertising costs etc. Pennington wants to be sure they are aware of this. Approved. 
Sunman 2 units for Emergency Services- approved for $20,000 each. Their financial reports were attached. 

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel- small discussion with Gayle and Todd Listerman- with a parcel on Sugar Ridge Development that has gone up for sale multiple times that has their drain on it. They want to use Ewbank Land Title since they were involved originally with this. Approved to use Ewbank to move forward. Jared Ewbank will contact Todd Listerman.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch- raised the issue of organizational chart for the county. Had asked County Adm to review and see Indiana Association of County Commissioners to review how to do this. Also asking County Engineer to be here a few days each week. Also GIS and HR to see them moved under Commissioners purview. GIS works more with P and Z. HR through Obamacare with regulatory issues increasing. They often see them as a separate function. Counsel to look at rewriting this chart. Art Little agrees. McHenry asked when HR came in- Pennington said 2010. He said most policies reside with the Commissioners. Auditor’s office seems to get all the extras added to it. He wants all the offices to start working together. Appreciated Lynch’s comments. We have a great team. He applauds Gayle for all she has taken on. As we look for changes that are on the horizon for us and we look at financial impacts with the treasurer, she needs to have less that she has to oversee. We have dumped a lot on her in the past. This will put us more on track with what other groups are doing. HR and GIS do not have  separate budget. Until we get to the next budget session with Council we will have to do something about that. [NOTE: If this falls under commissioners, then WHO will supervise these entities? Now that the county administrator job is now split from the Redevelopment duties as Econ. Dev Director, this is probably a way of justifying keeping the administrators's increased pay, when they drop the other job at some point. Seems like the same people will still be doing all the daily work though.]

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Todd Listerman- Stateline Bright project began in 1999 and Duke is the first utility ready to move on that. There was a considerable effort to keep utilities and drainage workable in the area. $42,300 design ROW cost and bidding services $11,200- NTE number is $198,000. Little said if you look at Bright and see all the mess overhead- he was amazed when he saw how much worse it was underground. Listerman said Duke energy will take 90-120 days, the water company relocates. then phone lines. They will put phone and electric on one side of the road now. It will clean it up a bit.They may end up with build in 2016- depending on the time for all this. Approved. 

Randall- Jeff Stratman from Aurora sent an email to Randall and they are not participating with the Lewes and Kappes lobbyist agreement. She doesn’t know if Lewes and Kappes will reduce their fee or if it affects our fees. Pennington said these are long standing agreements. Randall said Lawrenceburg has an additional lobbyist and Jewel DeBonis was ill and John Vaughn ( sp ?) took over. Baudendistel said that they should contact Lewis and Kappes needs to be contacted and see what they will do. Pennington said that the contract comes to the county. She will approach the subject with John as she has to meet with him anyway. Baudendistel will check the contract for termination terms. [NOTE: Aurora is probably not the only entity choosing to forego the lobbyist agreement. Lawrenceburg has tabled that item also.]

Randall said - Jim RedElk sent an email out with county highway praise for their help with a leak in the Park dam and Grieve helped. It was a thanks to them. McHenry said that it should be common sense that depts help each other. It was still nice to get that. He said Shelton and McCormack are always quick to jump in and help also. 

McHenry said Wanda Green passed away- who helped out a lot thru RSVP with the front desk. They paused for a moment of silence for Wanda. [NOTE: Wanda Green was the quintessential volunteer. I have been running into her at the county ADM building for the past 20 years. She was always helpful and cheerful when covering the front desk. Her volunteer efforts extended well beyond the county adm. bldg coverage to St. Lawrence parish and other organizations. Wanda will be missed by many.] 


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

Why was the doctor and nurse agreement tabled again?

cebmueller said...

They are still trying to match it up with their previous agreement terms.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CM. One hopes the doctor and nurse are local.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see them recognize Ms. Green and her service. Couldn't have been a nicer woman.