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17 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

17 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.   
Century Link Agreement- 911 Director Jared Teaney- Attorney Baudendistel has reviewed and is OK with the terms and conditions. The Cinti Bell one has already been signed at the last meeting. $2600 is the one time fee. They have to have this product and services agreement because Century Link is the local carrier. Commissioners approved the agreement and signed it. 

Chris McHenry Retirement as County Historian - Shane McHenry read the Commissioners letter commending her for her 22 years as historian. It detailed all her activities, writings, awards, educational work, genealogy, and work on local historical figures. They thanked her for all her work and dedication. 
Chris McHenry spoke and joked about being glad he didn’t call her Grandma! She also introduced Joyce Baer as the new historian. She said she has had so much help along the 
way she feels guilt accepting this award for herself. Shane presented her with the award.
And called her Grandma! There was a brief break for punch, cookies, and cake.   

Summer Arts Program- Ruth Ann Batta- not present Commissioners removed this from the agenda until she calls in again.

Planning and Zoning- Nicole Daily:
Road Name Change discussion- Jeb Drive Lane- Art Little was able to weigh in on this as it was in his district. Commissioners approved changing the private part of Jeb Drive to Jeb Lane.
Road Name Change Request- Professional Park Drive and Business Center Drive- Tabled at Daily’s request as there is more information coming in on this. Jeff Tucker asked for clarification on the dedication of the road. He said it is dedicated- but the improvements haven’t been approved yet. 
Future Road Name Change Discussion- Hardintown Area- These streets have been on the list that duplicate street names that are in the same zip code. They want to send out letters to property owners to let them know what is being considered for those 11 property owners who own multiple properties there. Commissioners were OK with this being on a future agenda. Prefer an evening meeting.
Proposed Vacation Plat- Lafayette Street in Morgantown- This was forwarded from the PC with a Favorable recommendation. Dennis Kraus, Jr was available for questions. Morgantown is by Lawrenceville. Baudendistel explained the area was previously vacated of most of those old ROWs. Kraus, Jr. went into more detail about the request and that the heirs to the estate can’t deal with the estate without this vacation. The commissioners approved the vacation request after Shane read the entire ordinance into the record. Kraus, Jr. had stepped down at the PC meeting since he was surveyor for the heirs. No public spoke on this. The old name of this street was Lafayette Street. The legal descriptions were attached to the ordinance. 

EMA- Bill Black- Amendment to Services Agreement with IU- This is to help write their mission plan. This is the performance period-from Sept 2014 to April. No cost change. Approved.
Black also had the commissioners sign another yellow travel advisory from March 4-6. Approved.
Flooding is being monitored and he is in contact with highway dept and EMS. The Moose and Eagles are the only two businesses in Aurora with water coming in. Thursday should have it below flood stage.

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall- 
Todd Listerman is on vacation and had emailed a letter of understanding for closing parts of SR 62 for detour for road work.

Randall said she submitted the DCRedevelopment Commission annual report to the commissioners so that it was out in a public meeting. They don’t approve this. [NOTE: It just was for their info?? Or because it was not presented or approved at the DCRC meeting. It was due yesterday.]

AUDITOR – Gayle Pennington - Claims/Minutes- Minutes were tabled as the commissioners hadn’t seen the minutes yet. Claims were approved. 
Tax bills are printed and will be out soon.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:
These are all based on a contingency- they will require Council to fund them at their meeting after this one. This is the public safety computer software. It will get all the police and sheriffs dept. on the same software. The towns are all passing this also. Some have already passed it
Resolution for Entry into Interlocal Agreement with municipalities for Spillman Contract- approved
Interlocal with Municipalities re: Spillman Contract- approved
Spillman Contract- Total cost $797,604 and $518,443 comes back to us. County share is $281,000 about. 
There is a maintenance cost to this also of $94,000. This is a savings of $11,000 per  year on maintenance per Sheriff Kreinhop.

Baudendistel said the sheriff has had a lot of seized property that has piled up. He researched this and after 90 days of trying to seek owners of evidence etc. they can auction this. He was approached by Jack Prarat in the dept, McHenry abstained as he had worked on some of these cases. Lynch said that they can’t warehouse things indefinitely. Baudendistel will research this further.

Lynch- said Happy St. Patricks Day and reiterated congrats to Chris McHenry. 
Little- also congratulated Chris McHenry.
McHenry- concurred- And Chris McHenry said- it’s hard to take credit for something that was so much fun. And she is NOT retiring from being a reporter.


PUBLIC COMMENT- Chris Mueller- I told the Commissioners about some of the data regarding the Maxwell Construction Manager’s contract for the jail and the actual payments for it that APPEAR to be about $200,000 over the contract price of $359,900. The contract was supposed to be  a fixed fee so that it would remove any conflict of interest should there be an increase in the cost of the project. There is a section of the contract that allows for other expenses, but Maxwell bid it with the idea that they were local and so no charges would be made for travel, meals or lodging etc. I told them that the auditor was going to check into those claims to see what the increases were for. McHenry then said he would sit with Gayle Pennington and go through those claims. 
I also told them that there is another contract with Maxwell for the Annex management that s far is all accounted for. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:08 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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