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3 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

3 March 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch
Also present: Connie Fromhold covering for Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.  

ABSENT: Gayle Pennington 

Juvenile Dr. and Nurse Agreements- McHenry said they have been reviewed and the language has been worked out. Baudendistel said they could be signed. The nurse agreement is with Ron Phillips for $12,742/year. Dr Samantha Wood is the doctor for $11,133/year. Signed.

Cincinnati Bell and Century Link Agreements - 911 Director Jared Teaney - there is still a cost savings of about $3000/month. Randall said there is  lot of work between the two companies to be sure  we would be all connected. She said that Centurylink didn’t have enough tech to do this in our area yet. She said that she wanted Baudendistel to look over the agreement today. McHenry wanted to look this over carefully forst. Asked if there was a hurry to sign it. Baudendistel said he had the Cinti Bell one already and it was OK. The Cinti Bell cost is $2,000/month or $500 per workstation. Commissioners signed that agreement. Baudendistel said that he needed them to table the Centurylong one until Baudendistel could get the items referenced in the agreement. Centurylong TABLED. but Cinti Bell was approved. 
McHenry said that 911 was discussed at Lawrenceburg is figuring our how they will pay $30,000 out of two different budgets to get this covered. It looks like that will be signed eventually.

Signatures for Community Focus Fund Support- Sarah Brichto- 284 kids per year o originally. Now at 503 kids per year. This is a 5 year grant. She also thanked them for there support for their CAC- Children’s Advocacy Center with the Mardi Gras event. McHenry said he hopes it becomes an annual or every two years event. Commissioners signed the support letter.

Change Orders- Brad Rullman- for Maxwell Construction for the jail project. They are moving forward with closing that project out.They need to finalize the change orders.

#6 for 1244.31 deduct for Banta Electric- and closing out their allowance for a total additional of $5519.15 Approved.

Bray Construction services- and paving the lot and close out. 36 parking spaces added between EMA and jail. $23,089 added. Approved.

#1 for Bruns and Gutzwiller- closing out their allowance and flooring changes and painting in booking area. Deduct $13,116. Approved.

#5 Jails Correctional Products. add $115 for security door cut down. Approved.

#3 Queen City Mechanical- deduct unused portion of their allowance and changing on hot water shower piping. Add $927.15 Approved.

#6 Security Automation Systems- photo cell for exterior lighting on the parking lot for $1805 to get the lighting to save money during the day. Approved.

#7 Security Automation Systems for  door controls $2183.29 Approved.

#3 Triton Services- deduct of $1040 of unused allowance. Approved.

#7 Valley Interior Systems- acoustic ceilings $996.62 Approved.

Brad Rullman may have one or two more items and then will have certificates of completion for each  contractor. They will be about $30,000 under budget. This will be returned to the county. 

Highway Engineer- Todd Listerman- 
Signatures on Title Page for Bridge #9 Sangamaw Road- Letting projected for end of March. Will get bids to start  this summer. They will used funds that Council has set aside for these types of projects. Approved and signed.

Signatures for Small Structure Inspection Contract- LPA Consultant agreement SJCA Consulting. It is an 80/20 federal project with a NTE of $129,150 with $369 per structure. Approved and signed. As part of this you have to meet certain goals- Franco Consulting Engineers will be the sub consultant and this was previously approved by INDOT.Also approved. 

Bridge 138 at Bonnell and Burzelbach is also scheduled to be let the end of March for summer construction. 

Highway Supervisor- Tim Grieve- Truck Quotes- for pick up single axel $29,450 Hirlinger and Haag for 31964. Hirlinger appoved. Shirtz from Greensburg for $84,454.52. Lishkge Motors for $90,000 plus. These last for 15 year cycle. They recommended using the local company and the time and travel savings by having a local mechanical repair. This was $900 more than last year. Commissioners spent some discussion regarding responsiveness and local company usage.
Commissioners praised the highway department for snow resigns and read a letter of thanks from Sugar Ridge Community to them.

Emergency Management Director- Bill Black Jr.:
Signature for 2014 Salary Reimbursement Grant- $34,779.80 for half their salaries but not any fringe benefits. Approved and signed. There is an ethics form that Black a and Mary had to sign.
Travel Advisory Signatures Approved Level Yellow and Orange and Yellow again was approved and signed. 
Statewide alert was being done on the 19th of March. March 15-21 is Severe weather Awareness Week and will be testing sirens Thursday of that week. The county commissioners approved that. They will have weather radios available and other activities that week. 

David Wunderlich the trustee recommended Jerry Cleeter to fill the Washington Township Board. Approved. 

ADMINISTRATOR – Terri Randall-Volunteers (Fire dept and ems still working with them.
Courthouse Annex committee will meet to talk about the financial situation on the annex and other questions. March 5 at 10 AM in Commissioners Meeting Room. Commissioners welcomed to attend. Open to the public.
Lynch thanked Randall for hosting REDI ( regional economic Development Initiative) Cincinnati here. DCRC joined as a member recently. A lot of comments and feedback afterwards were impressed that we were taking these steps to market properties in Dearborn County.

AUDITOR – Connie Fromhold (for Gayle Pennington)presented Claims and Feb 17 Minutes- All approved. 

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel: nothing

Lynch - Messer was in Bright with Coffee with Commissioners. Glad they come here. Also commended Highway Dept on snow removal.
Little- ditto to what Kevin said. Also thanked Frye and McMillin for all the hard work they did to keep gambling in this area the same. And also to Speaker Bosna for his help. We spent a lot of time on the phone with our lobbyists.
McHenry concurred.
Little- Keep Bill Ullrich in payers his wife id=s not doing well. 

Randall - Chris McHenry will be here March 17th- county historian-and we will have a ceremony or reception as she is retiring.



Meeting adjourned at about 9:30 AM
Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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