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21 July 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

 21 July 2015 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Randy Lyness, President, Dennis Kraus. Sr., Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Charlie Keyes, Ryan Brandt, and Bill Ullrich. 
Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Executive session on another day- the Council certified that they only discussed the pending litigation and no decision was made per Lyness.

Superior Court II Judge McLaughlin - Petit Jurors and Meals Petit Jurors and Grand Jurors- She was not present so Council looked over her paperwork and approved the request for $15,600 total. She has had 8 trial in 6 months. 

Health Department- Mary Calhoun- Grant- Local health maintenance fund for $48,859 and on the budget she gave them. The second one is Tobacco trust account grant  $26,055.05 She delineated what all the funds were used for as to current part timers, general supplies, equipment, roller shelving, computers, mileage, education and training, etc. The check comes to the auditor’s office on a quarterly basis. Council approved seeking the grants. 

PAWS- Pat Hawkins- succeeded Sandy Carley as President of PAWS. Tough act to follow- big shoes to fill.  Discussion- Budget issues with their current pet load. $10,000/month received from the county. They have to take in all unwanted dogs and cats in the county. They also take care of animals for Animal Control for the county. This is a business where we want the intake to decrease- but in fact it has increased. 955 dogs and 1175 cats. In one day they took in 45 cats and kittens. The county funds were 35% and now are 27% of their expenses. Their employees costs are increased by 27%. Looking for ways to increase their revenue and decreasing their expenses. They are being mentored to get funds. They are not looking for capital expenses but operating expenses. They are looking to ramp up their media exposure. Channel 19 helps to adopt animals. Task force to go into community and get barn and feral cats neutered to help control future costs. Ullrich asked about the estate they received funds from. They had a three year payout from that - the last payment was $80,000. Not asking for anything tonight- just want them to know ahead of budget hearings what their challenges are.

Emergency Management- Bill Black- Sirens- maintenance- as they age- $4259 in bills so far. Hillsboro siren is unable to have parts purchased for anymore. Asking for $7000 to finish out the year. Sirens are outdoor warnings- 2 mile range about. Lyness asked what the future would hold for this. Last year we gave away 180 weather radios. First come first served when they get them. Reverse 911 won’t work for that. Took over an hour to contact the county residents. Maybe use storm alert on cell phones. Hamilton County just replaced all their sirens. Ullrich wante dot know if their old ones still worked. No- older than ours.  Batteries, chargers, and fuses go out. 33 sirens in the county. Approved for $7000 out of Riverboat. Cost of sirens is $20,000 for each siren.

With the grant process he had 3 Homeland state grants that commissioners approved at the previous meeting tonight. He asked Council to approve them also- $5111 for pod runner trailer system for mobile command system, $102,238.78 for simulcast unit to page out EMS and fire, and $14,117.54 for replacing computers and laptops and servers for office and mobile command. Council approved seeking the grants.

Black also let them know that he is staying on an additional month only as they seek his replacement as he retires.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis Discussion- Umbaugh- Kraus was happy with what Frank Cummings was doing for us. We have all his data from all these years showing what we have. Anybody can GUESS what will happen with Riverboat revenue. We should not be using the same financial advisors as the commissioners. London Witte should be allowed to bid also. Get three quotes,Why are we just taking one price? $25,000. 

Lansing said we may need another set of eyes, but maybe not the same set of eyes. 

Morris said they are professionals- they won’t put themselves  at financial risk by gaming the system. It’s more than a 2-3 year guesstimate. They are familiar with all the funds in INDANA. Fresh set of eyes. $16,500 is the estimate part, the rest - $8500-  is for budget work. 

Pennington said she read the agreement line by line. Some of the things we won’t have them do for us. I don’t want to give anyone access to edit our Gateway submissions. I want to do all that ourselves. I don’t want another hand in the pot. They were talking about help all year long and we could call them anytime. We could take the Form 1s and looking at the revenue and analysis, is OK, but beyond that- no. I don’t see needing them at budget time etc. 

Randall- to clarify- the commissioners are not contracting with Umbaugh. The Redevelopment Commission is though for TIF. She said their name came up as being reputable in the state. 

Kraus said where did all this come from when all we asked about was bonding? 

Lyness- was any part of the $16,500 to figure out how to pay for the annex?

Pennington- they did not send anything for tonight on the bonding.

Keyes- we cannot decide to fund annex tonight- not advertised for that. 

Pennington- It would take someone to help you if you decide to build it- to decide how to pay for it. [NOTE:Unless you pay cash.]

Kraus - how much goes into savings account every year. We could save money for the two years of Riverboat and use all our savings and pay cash for it. 


I asked about the taxes we will increase to pay for this. 

Morris response - Property taxes shift to COIT ( Income taxes now) and then they want us to add LOIT Local option income taxes too. Either way it is taxes. Just a different pocket they are dipping into. Morris - noted that savings is not the account we use for the extras - just capital projects.

I asked about what happens if Riverboat revenue decreases more- than what do we replenish the other riverboat accounts with? (Taxes)

Lyness- If we need it- it only gets more expensive if we put it off. 

Mr Johnson- I hear a rumor that we can learn to tighten our belts and live with what we have- not build it.

Council- no - the judges were all here - they need the room.

Mr. Johnson- we can put the extra courtroom in the space of the jail that is unused. I’ll tell you how we pay for it - excuse me ladies for suggesting this. We get all those bars and things along the levee and get us some ladies of the night ….laughter. I’m not kidding- You won’t forget that statement. [NOTE: Well government does love to tax vices…

PAC- Personnel Advisory Committee- DISCUSSION- Increase part time hours to 28 instead of 25 for the county government workers. Randall said the commissioners also support this. Council agreed with the 28 hours as part time now- approved. 

Auditor- Gayle Pennington- Minutes and Salary Ordinance Changes for Planning and Zoning person. Approved. 

Mike Burgess - Veterans Officer - per Pennington- $6000 grant from Lawrenceburg for transportation to VA etc. - approved and signed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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