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7 July 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

7 July 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Alos present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

This Meeting was preceded by an executive session at 8 AM due to pending litigation. Started meeting at 9 AM dues to this. Baudendistel had them certify that they only discussed what was advertised and that no decision was to be made. 


Veterans Services Officer- Mike Burgess- Approval for submission of annual grant for part of their transportation. Passed. 

Brief recess for McHenry to clean up after his pen exploded on his hands. Baudendistel left to get an ordinance he left on his desk across the street also. 

Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack-
Zone Map Amendment- for Martini and Boehringer on 2.35 acres in Harrison Township from Residential to Highway Interchange.This was previously H-1 and then got turned to R. They are doing this to be compliant with zoning law. Certified on May 28, 2015 so 90 days from that to take action or it will change anyway. It is surrounded by mostly Ag and some commercial. This is on the northern end of Harrison Brockville Road. He showed slides of the area. McCormack gave them the 5 criteria for a zone change. There was no public to speak on this. Commissioners approved the zone change from R to H-1. They did not mention how it fit the 5 criteria in their motion. 

Ordinance to Change Zoning Classification- this is in reference for panhandle and flag lots. They now allow for easements and the driveways can be easements off the panhandle. They will require allowance by the Planning Director and County Engineer. This was unanimously approved by the Plan Commission to change Article 3, Section 315g of the Subdivision Control Ordinance- Approved with no public wanting to comment. Commissioners approved. 
Ordinance to Amend Appendix C of the Subdivision Control Ordinance- This gets to the uses of T-turnarounds. They need the specs for these requests to have them uniform. This is for residential ones primarily. No public comment. Commissioners approved. 

EMA Director- Bill Black- Donation of Trailer- for the Boy Scouts. 4H is interested now also. McHenry said that unless they were thinking of it as storage they could share maybe. He also noted that 4H is more of a county affiliated group, so they lean towards them getting it. Hoping they could share with Scouts maybe also. Little noted that Scouts had contacted EMA first. McHenry will contact Phil Weaver an see what 4 H had in mind. Decision at the next meeting. 
Black also had notice last week to apply for 2 different grants due by 24 of July. He is going to try to get it done before the next meeting and wants to have thumping and ratify the signatures at the next meeting. Commissioners agreed to let McHenry sign off on it. 
Mark McCormack also noted the short 2-3 weeks they often have to get a grant done. Wondered if the commissioners could streamline their approval process in the future.

HIGHWAY DEPT. Todd, Listerman, County Engineer
Award of Bridges #38  Schwippes Rd $630, 684.88 McAllister Excavating Patriot IN lowest bid- Accepted. Commissioners approved.   Other bids were: $647,309.40 Rohe  and $757,779 from a company out of Franklin IN.  
and #61 Kaiser- Rohe- $373,257.65 and McAllister- $409,564.52 and O’MAra- $549,937.70 Accepted Rohe and Commissioners approved.  
Lynch liked seeing a Dearborn Company get the business. (Rohe) Listerman noted that McAllister of Patriot had several employees from our county also.

Testing required - lowest bid was  $38,200  
$15450, $17,350 were Land and Water Contracts for both bridges. Accepted. 
Listerman will be on vacation for next meeting but will be available via cell etc. 

Health Dept- Mary Calhoun- Grant Approval- for vaccine program rates and it will help with medical billing. No count match required Approved to seek the grant.

2016 OKI Regional Council of Governments Funding Agreement- Feb 1st, 2016 due. $16,337. Lynch abstained. Approved.

Signature of Home Tenant Rates for Heart House- Baudendistel has not reviewed. Randall said she just received the back-up on this. It is a draft application form and it is due on Friday. Beckley is on vacation but will return to complete it by Friday. She suggested that they need to certify that it s consistent with our master plan so they need to run it by McCormack and Baudendistel for the legals. It is money from feds for people getting out of jail getting assistance for transitional housing. McHenry was approved to sign later this week pending Baudendistel’s approval. 

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- nothing more

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington-Claims approved. Minutes approved from June 16 meeting.  
Pennington made a comment that the grant application process was put into place. If you want to change this process remember it was put into place to have Council and Commissioners see what was being purchased and keep control over federal funds applied for. McHenry said that some people were supervising their own grants. Pennington said sometimes it affected insurance for these items also. 

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- nothing more. He will look at the trailer situation. 

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch thanked Justin Stevens from Dan Coates’ office for stopping in. The OKI Regional Council of Governments Is having their annual luncheon at Lawrenceburg Event Center on August 5. Good attendance from locals. Keynote speaker is the undersecretary for transportation. At least 450-500 people here. Lawrenceburg is stepping up to help also. Lynch will be absent due to vacation for next July meeting.
Little said that first responders will be at a breakfast with Randy Frye Sat morning.



Meeting Adjourned at 9:55 AM

Christine Bauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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