Monday, August 24, 2015

Budget Hearings for 2016 County Council- Agenda

Budget Hearings County Council for 2016
August 24-28

[NOTE: This agenda was not received until late this morning.  Other items may be discussed that are not listed on this agenda. Council fits other discussions in around the scheduled items.]

August 24

9 AM Budget Analysis- Umbaugh and Associates
10 AM- Building Dept- Bill Shelton
10:30 Veterans Office- Mike Burgess
11 Am- Surveyor- Dennis Kraus, Jr
11:30 AM Health Dept- Dr Scudder

Break for Lunch 12-1

1:15 PM Maintenance- Eric Hartman
1:45 PM- Superior Probation and Community Corrections- Steve Kelly
2:45 PM Visitors Bureau- Deb Smith
3:15 PM Lifetime Resources- Ann

August 25
8:45 PM Childrens Advocacy Center- Sarah Brichto
9 AM Solid Waste Mindy Smith
9:30 AM Planning and Zoning- Mark McCormack
10 AM- recorder- Glenn Wright
10:30 AM Prosecutor- Bryan Messmore
11 AM- Commissioners- Terri Randall and Shane McHenry

Break for Lunch 12-1

1:30 PM Cum Bridge - Todd Listerman
2:15 PM Juvenile Center -Traci Agner and Beth Blair

August 26

8:45 AM Highway- Tim Greive
9:15 AM Coroner- Steve Callahan
9:45 AM Probation- Steve Bradley
10:30 AMCommunications- Jared Teaney
11AMRegional Sewer District- Steve Renihan

Break for Lunch 12-1

1:30 PM Extension Mike Hornbach
2 PM Park Board- Jim RedElk
2:30 PMAssessor- Gary Hensley
3 PM Soil and Water- Brad Dawson

August 27

8:45 AMAnimal Control- Marlene Underwood
9:15 AM EMA- Bill Black
9:45 AM Sheriff Jail- Mike Kreinhop

Break for Lunch 11:45-12:45

1 PM Superior Court 2- Judge McLaughlin
1:30 PM- Clerk- Rick Probst


Anonymous said...

Wait. I thought they had to give a 24 hour (48 hours?) notice of a hearing. Or is the notice only for "meetings."

cebmueller said...

Notice was given- it is on the schedule. The agenda just wasn't sent out ahead of the meetings.