Monday, August 17, 2015

Investigative article submitted concerning county jail health care provider

I respectfully submit the following story by Investigative Reporter, Brian Sononstein, 'Advanced Correctional Healthcare: Brutal Brand of Jailhouse Medicine' for posting in the Public Forum. 

Kind regards,
Kelley Kingston-Strayer

[NOTE: This is the company the Dearborn County jail uses for healthcare of the inmates.]


Anonymous said...

Since 2011, I've followed the Public Forum and have grown to admire its administrator, Ms. Mueller, for her doggedness in asking the hard questions of those in DC's curious little triumvirate of a power structure. Dearborn County is better for this Public Watchdog. A true public servant. Very admirable.

Anonymous said...

Horrible. Why wasn't this in the paper?

Dan Brewington said...

This wasn't in the paper because the Dearborn County Register lacks any intestinal fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Local media shied away from a hard truth, here.,Tragic