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15 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

15 September 2015 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Andy Baudendistel, Attorney, and Terri Randall, Administrator

Zone map Amendment- Tootles Trust/Maxwell - tabled until the survey is prepared- probably for first meeting in October per Baudendistel.

Planning and Zoning: Mark McCormack- Zone Map Amendment Request - owned by Richard and Rita Renck. 12.9 acres ( now 12.11acres) in Kelso Township on Hyland and SR1 area. Request to be rezoned to B-2 for storage units. Remaining acreage will remain Ag. Voluntarily removed 14 and 25 as uses in a written commitment. 15 letters were sent out and 14 were returned as received. McCormack went over the presentation as given at the PC- see that August meeting for details previously posted on this blog. There are already storage units on this property. This will increase that use. 242 units proposed as part of the addition. He also gave them the 5 criteria for  zone change. 
Dennis Kraus, Jr. surveyor for this request. Asked if they had any questions. He said they asked for B-2 because as B-1 they would have had to go thru BZA as a conditional use. The majority of the extension is in a wooded area and there is  fence.
Commissioners approved with NO discussion and no statement showing why they believed it met the 5 criteria. They also signed  the written commitments that the Rencks had also signed at Baudendistel's request.

Business Property Lease- City of Aurora and Extension Office- Increase is to $18,000/year. Baudendistel said they have  three year lease and they may discuss putting them in the basement of the annex per some Council members. Commissioners approved Shane McHenry to sign the lease. Aurora does want to keep Purdue extension in Aurora. 

Supplemental Insurance Information from BOST Benefits Corp- Katie Miracle- passed out material. Mike Kraemer introduced her to the county she said. They specialize in voluntary benefits. She said they can reduce some costs and improve the underwriting. They market several products. They also communicate the benefits to their employees. This frees up HR dept. She says they can save 40% on short term disability benefits. Currently AFLAC is the carrier. Want to get a group plan to get these savings. Also can use Tele-Doc. (Correction- Teladoc) This prevents having to go see their own primary care physician. They also can do all forms for ACA- Affordable Care Act and have electronic signatures for that too. To utilize computer for many services sets up a program for a cost of $5-7/month for each employee each month. Switzerland County is her first client in IN. They have Vandalia and Xenia in Ohio. Commissioners took the info under advisement.

ADMINISTRATOR- Terri Randall- GIS perpetuation fund has $9,200 and it hasn’t been accessed for a while. She checked to see what purposes that money could be used for. They can use it for a license $4,950 to PSRI for ARC GIS license and annual maintenance fee of about $1200/year. Andrea Shuter took the lead on this per Randall. There are certain safeguards in the agreement as to the uses for this info. Approved by Commissioners.

Randall said when we got additional EMA funding, they had incentive payments for groups making all their runs. It’s been challenging to get more volunteers and the course is now $1200. The county pays $400 of that. Feedback is that it needs to be centralized. They want an emergency services website to consolidate. They can keep their own individual website. They want to see if the fire chiefs also want to participate. This will help for recruitment, Contract with Bill Beinkemper Creative who works for L-bg and Convention and Tourism Bureau for $15,825 to build and host the site. The group wanted REAL people on the website and talking about it themselves. Create a short video to speak to what it means to be EMS in the county- about 2-3 minutes. DCH is likely to offer a first responder class for $500 to see if people want to go further after that. She researched a lot of county and videos. Most counties have a page to be able to access this info. Marketing will go on too. They need to put in parameters for the scope of work, but make it adaptable. 
Lynch said he knows Bill Beinkemper and they have worked with Greendale. McHenry said he has had experience with him too and was satisfied with how that came out. Approved by Commissioners. 

AUDITOR- Gayle Pennington- Claims and Minutes of Sept 1 meeting approved.

ATTORNEY- Andy Baudendistel- nothing

Art Little- almost fall- looking forward to it.

Kevin Lynch- Thank all department heads and trying to make us more business friendly. Also wanted to thank everyone in the county who participated in the OKI luncheon. The community really came out in support and hope to have it there at the event center next year also.

Kathy Scott- asked why our meetings are at this time, when you say you want to have more people here? Maybe try to have it next year at a time that is open for people who work to get here. Maybe 6:30.
McHenry said he never gets any calls complaining about this. He said he bets if he moved it to 7 PM they might get 5 more people a year. Lynch said that he thinks they should maybe think about it. McHenry agreed.
She also asked them to think hard about Tele-Doc- and the potential for issues with care being missed as people cover up problems and are seen over the phone and not having the same doctor etc. Liability too.
She asked if Commissioners get health insurance- answer- Yes
She asked about paramedics vs EMTs. They weren’t sure about who had the paramedics- probably Lawrenceburg. Hoping to get paramedics. Dual training would be preferable. Lynch said that cross training is the trend with firemen having emt training.  


Meeting Adjourned at 6:03 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

Re Kathy Scott's comment: What is a Tele-Doc? And where is it being used?

cebmueller said...

Misspelled in the blog- go to www.teladoc.com
Average cost per teladoc encounter on their site is listed as $40
You can use the service by joining up as an individual.
This service was being touted as something the COUNTY should offer to their employees.
It is good for simple, uncomplicated services - things that the little clinics do in Krogers etc.
They use board certified MDs licensed in your state to answer your call. They say they are eligible for HSA (health savings account) reimbursement for most plans.
They use electronic medical records- but it is unclear if they have access to your primary doctor's records on you. That would be useful if they were prescribing medication- to be sure there were no adverse interactions with current meds or allergies to certain meds.
Hope this helps.